JoJo Rabbit Q and A Goodness! Anushika Meets Director Taika Waititi! Sorta Selfie Goodness!

Awesome Anushika is back, well albeit briefly, for a quick recap of meeting director Taika Waititi.

I’ve so missed her writing for us here at MTF!

Check out her recap below!

If you are a fan of Marvel movies, you know the name Taika Waititi. I first got introduced to this awesome human when “Thor: Ragnarok” released back in 2017. I loved that movie so much that I had to check out other works by Taika. I came across “What We Do in The Shadows”. To this day, this is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s lighthearted, hilarious and smart. So, as soon as I saw the trailer for “Jo Jo Rabbit”, I knew I just had to go watch it.
Unfortunately, the movie was only playing in select theatres and I struggled to find the perfect time to catch it. This week my stars all lined up and I noticed it playing just a few blocks away from my place. I quickly grabbed a ticket and was excited to finally watch “Jo Jo Rabbit”.

I headed out to grab a good seat and the theatre was already quite full. It made me happy to see how many people were excited for this movie. The two hours went by so fast and I absolutely LOVED every minute of it!!!! It was smart, funny, adorable, and sad. All the feels you could ever ask for in an amazing movie. PLEASE GO WATCH IT!!!! The entire audience enjoyed it and the whole theatre roared with applause as soon as it ended.

While the credits were rolling, people’s cheers kept getting louder and louder. I was sitting pretty close to the screen on the side. I stood up and turned to leave and to my surprise, Taika Waititi was standing right down the back of the aisle. My butt dropped right back into my seat. He walked down the isle and the entire audience greeted him with a standing ovation. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The fangirl in me was doing cartwheels and TOTALLY freaking out!!! I couldn’t believe he was actually standing right in front of me. I managed to compose myself and act “normal”.

The theatre hosted a Q&A with Taika and took a few questions from the audience. He was a very funny quirky guy. Apparently, the story is based on a book his mother read. How cute! He went on to explain the making of the movie and how he managed to work well with the child actors. At the end of the Q&A, a few of us went up to say hi to him and I managed to grab a very quick, very blurry selfie with Taika.

He seemed super down to earth and even though he had to rush off to another Q&A, he took a little time to greet some of the fans. A really sweet human and what can I say, I ended up walking away even a bigger fan. I repeat, GO WATCH “JO JO RABBIT”!!!

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