Talking With The Bastard Executioner’s Lee Jones! The Pressure Of The Highly Anticipated Series! Working With Kurt Sutter! And More!

The Bastard Executioner: Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle”

Fall TV is heading our way. Some of our old favorites are coming back on screen along with a few new series. “The Bastard Executioner” is on top of the most anticipated shows of the season. Kurt Sutter being the brilliant mind behind the creation, how can it be anything less than awesome? The medieval series tells the story of a warrior battling to maintain his true self while seeking the fulfillment of his higher purpose. We are introduced to Lee Jones who plays the faithful warrior, Wilkin Brattle. All the way from down under, Lee Jones was kind enough to take some time off his busy schedule to talk to us. We are all excited for the show and couldn’t wait to ask all about it. Obviously he couldn’t reveal much about the show, but we can’t thank him enough for trying his best. The following are a few of the questions he answered. Enjoy!

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

Lee Jones is a fresh new face on TV. He is mostly known for his work on stage. How was the transition to TV?

Lee described that one of the best things about the job is the chance “to develop skill sets”. He always “craved TV and movies”. “Working really fast allows me to flex a bit of muscle. The speed which TV goes is an eye opener”. Sounds like they hit the ground running.

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

When you hear Kurt Sutter, you can’t forget about his award winning series, Sons of Anarchy. Everyone’s anticipations are quit high and they’ll be expecting The Bastard Executioner to match its caliber. Do you feel the pressure? What are your thoughts?

“No. If I think about it, I would be unfair. It’s a whole new world. A parallel universe. Such an elaborate set away from Hollywood.” Kudos for Lee Jones for treating this series as its own, and not something that is bound to compete with Kurt Sutter’s past masterpieces. He is giving his all and focusing on the task at hand.

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

How well do you know Kurt Sutter and his work?

Lee’s extremely tight schedule doesn’t really allow him to watch TV. He rarely has any free time. As far as the current show, “It really happened so fast for me. I knew about his work” Lee went on to say that he was aware of Kurt’s talent. Theater being his world, he didn’t get much time to explore.

Would you compare this to a show like Game of Thrones?

“They are very different. Very based in reality, not fantasy in anyway. Very well thought out, solitude in the show. More grounded in actual history.” I would say if any, this might come close to a show like Vikings.

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

What are you most excited about?

“The relationships of the characters. Great job in creating”.

What kinds of props were used to get into the character?

“The weight of the sword they used helped getting into the fight.” The first fitting seem to have helped Lee feel the part. It held him and grounded him.

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

How has life changed?

“Life has changed. So satisfying and epic. It went from 0-100 quickly”. Moreover, the cast and crew have been immensely supportive.

What is it like working with a cast and crew with incredibly track records?

“So awesome, because everyone is so specific of what they want. Very truthful in the work. Very supported from the beginning. Been really great. That clarity is great”. Katey Sagal and Stephen Moyer are just a few of the amazing cast members involved in the show.

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

What fascinated you about the time period?

“Draw people in by the time they want to escape.” The struggle to survive and improve things in life attracts people. Lee explained “Life is so delicate”. The life back then and the brutality of it is something different; a world unlike ours.

How is your relationship with Kurt?

“The dynamic with him is great, very supportive and looks out for me. Very caring guy”. His relationship helps Lee to deliver exactly what Kurt wants in the series. Lee added that he, “Speak about where the character is going. What he is thinking behind things. Feeding off what we are doing and go on with that dynamic”. Communication is crucial to build characters and create the needed chemistry.

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

What about the character that made you want to go for it? Any research involved?

“The character goes through everything. Full range of human emotions. Great character”. When Lee read about him, he was sold. “Yup, that’s for me” He found the main character to be “very fascinating, exploring dark heavy material”.

How about special training for the role?

Lee used “sword fighting and boxing to keep in shape. The horse riding was the best part”. He was always up for a ride. Lee added, “I’m very hard working and dedicated. That’s why I’m enjoying it”. He used to be a swimmer before. Well that explains his flawless chiseled body.

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

Executioner vs. Warrior?

Lee simply stated, “Trying to survive the manipulation”. I guess it’s a gray area we all have to witness once the series begin.

Are you ready to be a star?

Lee laughed while trying to find an answer, but it seems like all of this happed so fast that he never really even got a chance zoom out and think about it. People have great expectations and I don’t think any of us could really predict how it’ll end up until the audience reaction.

THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER Lee Jones “Wilkin Brattle” press still 12

What have you learn about yourself and biggest challenge so far?

Lee is absolutely having a great time. He is more aware of his strengths in all shapes and forms. Lee’s biggest challenge was “Being away from home. Keeping the energy up”. I’m sure all his hard work will pay off really soon and as fans, we all thank him for enduring it.

I just want to send out a HUGE thanks to Lee Jones for taking his time to talk to us. We are all loved the two hour premiere!

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