Talking With The Cast Of Vikings! Travis Fimmel And Alyssa Sutherland! Season 2 Scoop! Mythology! Bromances! And More!

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The History Channel’s “Vikings” is back for a much anticipated second season, and I recently got to join some fellow bloggers and reviewers to speak to two of the cast members (and pivotal members of this season) Alyssa Sutherland (Auslag) and Travis Fimmel (Ragnar).

If you have not watched the first season, leave this now because I’m about to spoil all over the place.  Also, WHY HAVEN’T YOU WATCHED THIS AWESOMENESS!?!?!   If you are one of the wise individuals you have, don’t worry, I’m not really about to give anything away that you can’t see in ads or on The History Channel’s site right now.

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Alyssa was first, and is quite a warm and charming person.  I admit that I wasn’t nearly as upset by Ragnar sleeping with her and knocking her character up as a lot of the fandom was, but probably because a) I knew the mythology going in, b) They talked about open marriages and c) C’mon…have you studied history?   Personally I was kind of excited about the crap that was about to go down so thank heavens The History Channel picked this up for another season.

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Alyssa’s character, Auslag, was one of the major cliffhangers and game changers at the end of the first season, so a lot of questions were around where we find her when this season begins.  Without giving too much away she told us that Auslag was coming to Ragnar’s home to confront him about the baby and if you’ve seen the video about her character on the “Vikings” official page, then you know she does so very pregnant.   I can’t wait to see her and Lagertha come face to face.   Shieldmaiden and Seer…oooooo, Viking cat fight!  Alyssa also talked about the other women in the cast and what a delight it is working with such amazingly talented and strong women.  What a great opportunity this show provides for them to play such characters.

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When asked about stepping into this time period and how easy/difficult was it to get in touch with her inner Viking she enthused that with the set design, costumes, make-up, etc. it’s not that difficult to believe that you are actually living in that world.

Vikings season 2 travis fimmell hot4

I got the opportunity to ask her what she hopes fan reactions will be to her character this season and if their perceptions will change.   “Oh, I hope so.” She doesn’t believe her character is a home wrecker, she sees her as a woman who finally finds the man that she’s been looking for and believes is fated for her.   Auslag is not giving Ragnar up easily and comes to him in order to ensure that their child will have a place at its Father’s side, as will she

I was even more impressed with her when someone asked her a question that was clearly intended for the actress who play Lagertha (about Ragnar becoming an Earl, which he already is when Auslag meets him and she’s very aware of this).  Alyssa handled it wonderfully and answered in light of how it affects her character and how his position is part of the draw according to the prophesy she believes controls her and Ragnar’s fates.

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On a personal note, I’m looking forward to seeing how her character ensconces herself into Ragnar’s world.  How her dynamic with him and his people plays out and how she’ll handle all the drama that’s about to go down with Ragnar and his brother.

Which leads us to the next interview with Travis Fimmel.

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Ragnar, poor Ragnar.  He’s basically being betrayed on all sides and losing everyone he loves.  But hey, at least there’s always the West to go conquer, am I right?

I found Travis to be a fun interview because he’s got that self-deprecating thing going and is – as my friend says- squirrely in his answers.

The first question was about his relationship with Athelstan now that the monk is embracing the Viking lifestyle and “rejecting” his Christianity.  Travis said it was fun to see George’s (Blagden) character change and his training.

Vikings season 2 travis fimmell hot4

Of course there were a lot of us inquiring minds wondering about the showdown that’s coming between Ragnar and Rollo (played by Clive Standen – who is quite yummy I have to say).  Travis said that it’s hard for his character because that’s his brother/blood and it will take a lot for Ragnar to ever get past the betrayal, if he can.   That Ragnar is facing a lot of these difficulties since his son hates him for the affair with Auslag, Lagertha wants more power and wants to be Earl herself and that the loss of his daughter affects Ragnar a lot.

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One of the interviewers asked him if the actors got along off the set since there is all this betrayal and tension?  Do they all have a drink together?  Travis said he lives outside town (Dublin) because he doesn’t want to do the commute everyday so he stays in the city near their filming location and drinks at the pub with the locals and some of the crew.  However, he says the cast gets along great outside of character.

I have a friend who is a big Travis Fimmel fan and loves this show, so I asked her for a few questions to ask Travis (and good thing, too, because I wound up needing back-up questions since other interviewers asked mine).  So I asked him about training for the fights, how George was taking to it, and what’s been his favorite so far.  He chuckled a bit and did that squirrely answering of his, but essentially it came down to him saying he preferred the fighting since he didn’t have to memorize lines ;D

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The last person decided to end on a lighter note, so she asked him about Ragnar’s trademark locks and if he sports them offset.  Travis admitted their weaves and doesn’t sport them outside of the show because it’s hard to keep up with them.  He said it’s hard having to walk around in a shower cap so he doesn’t get them wet (which made me wonder if he just doesn’t wash his hair during filming – ew) and is fun watching people watch him when he walks around town with them in.

So now I can’t wait for Feb. 27th when the second season starts.  And we get one whole episode more this season than last season, but that’s only 10.  Oh, History Channel – give me more, give me more, give me more….

Vikings season 2 travis fimmell hot4

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