Talking With The Cast Of Teen Wolf! Tyler Posey! Dylan O’Brien! Producer Jeff Davis! Season 3 Scoop! New Cast Members! Mythology And More!

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One of my favorite shows on the air right now is MTV’s Teen Wolf. It’s one of those shows that got so much better from season 1 to season 2. I know a lot of people have dismissed the series since it airs on MTV and caters to a teen audience, however the genre and sci-fi fans should really take note because season 2… They amped up their game. Tremendously.

Season three premiere’s tonight on MTV and I, along with Suddenly Susan had the chance to talk with stars Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and executive producer Jeff Davis. We chatted out the upcoming super sized season, cast changes and more.

First we chatted with executive producer Jeff Davis.

teen wolf executive producer Jeff Davis interview

Jeff said he is on 3 hours of sleep while writing the 10th episode and doing the expanded season is going to be a challenge. He said how lucky he is to have such a great staff around him.

We pull from several different cultures and tend to embellish on the mythology. I love when fans can look online and see the actual rules and deities. I love research. It gives the scripts that much more depth.”

In regards to the new season Jeff was asked if there was a specific theme, he said, “Season 3 is all about Alphas and all about having power thrust upon you and having responsibility thrust upon you.” He goes on to add, “There’s a great quote from 12th Night that we kind of pull from. It’s played as a joke in the play but it’s interesting to see this quote taken by business and taken as a mantra. Which is some are born great, some become great and some have greatness thrust upon them. Which if you look at it, is kind of true in the world.”

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This applies to the characters in Teen Wolf, “We’re working on looking towards Scott and how others around him look at their powers and accept their responsibilities.” Adding that, “Allison has a redemption story and becomes a hero this season, Lydia is someone we are going to learn a lot more about and seeing how she accepts her ability and Scott rising to greatness.”

Season 3 is going to have a whole host of new characters. “The Carver Twins are going to be a phenomenal addition to this season. The cast has brought them in and accepted them as if they have always been there. They are going to be on a moral fence, you don’t know if they are good or if they stay evil or if they are going to have a turnabout.”

Max-Charlie-Carver hot sexy shirtless muscle teen wolf promo still

And what about additional characters…

There are other characters Gideon Emery plays Deucalion the leader of the Alphas. His name is taken from Greek mythology and it’s a significant name. The son of Prometheus. Gideon is phenomenal, he’s a voice actor and he has a great presence. He plays a great bad guy.”

Gideon Emery plays Deucalion teen wolf rare press promo still hot

Felisha Terrell plays Kali, who is a powerful alpha who uses the claws on her toes to kill. I wanted a “bond Villain” basically like Famke Janssen in Goldeneye. She’s badass and it shows. It’s going to be hard to kill some of them off.”

Felisha Terrell plays Kali teen wolf press promo still hot

You’ve probably heard but one of the series regulars Colton Haynes is leaving Teen Wolf and joined the cast of Arrow.

Colton needed to move on and we’re very happy for him. Colton is moving to Vancouver and I feel like Jackson (Colton’s character) had a full character arc and one nice thing about the show is that we can constantly bring in new characters as long as we remain faithful to the existing characters and have good arcs for them.”

colton haynes sexy naked shirtless locker room muscle teen wolf rare

Season three takes place four months after the end of season 2. “It’s a way to get back to normal, so we can start in the normal world in the hero’s journey sense and get them into an extraordinary adventure.”

teen wolf executive producer Jeff Davis interview

After Jeff we had a chance to talk to Scott himself Mr. Tyler Posey. Full of energy Tyler is very engaging and excited about the upcoming season.

The first thing you may notice is the lack of clothes in the series, lol… Tyler talked about the fitness routine for a second, “I eat whatever I want. I’m 21 and can still get away with it. There are strict regimen things but I don’t follow them. I don’t care about what I eat. I love food so much.”

sexy tyler posey teen wolf star interview comic con 2013 rare scott

What is Tyler most excited about for season 3? “Watching it! I’m so excited to see it! The stuff we’ve filmed so far… Is so much fun, every single day is awesome acting wise. The firs couple seasons I got to do cool stunts but this season acting wise I’ve gotten to do cool stuff.”


This season I’m trying to reason with the bad guys as much as I can, and hanging onto my pack, but Scott and Isaac’s relationship is blossoming.”

Since season 3 picks up four months after season 2 a question posed to Tyler was if Scott has matured since season 2, “Big time! He’s so different. What’s cool about Scott is that he is different each season. The second season he was a werewolf and had so much responsibility he was driving himself crazy. In season 3 he is in a good spot. he can take a step back, go to school, be a better student, son and friend. He’s working out, training and totally matured.”

sexy tyler posey teen wolf star interview comic con 2013 rare scott

This season Scott’s mom is a bigger part of this season, “She’s a bigger character this season. She’s so good, I love working with Melissa! She’s intense.”

Plus, now that she knows Scott’s a werewolf? “It made their relationship stronger now that she knows, it’s brought them closer together. They are friends and allies… It’s going to be cool to see how her character grows.”

sexy tyler posey teen wolf star interview comic con 2013 rare scott

I asked about the super sized season, “I have mixed feelings. Cause like, we’ve done so well with 12 episodes and 24 is a lot to shoot and keep the quality up. I was a little worried about it, but bring it on man. If it doesn’t kill us it’ll make us stronger.”

Tyler was very excited to be able to show one of his Tattoo’s on the show now. “Ah yeah! they’re really cool and I wasn’t sure it would cool for Scott.”

sexy tyler posey teen wolf star interview comic con 2013 rare scott shows off his tattoo

I can see this on little action figures. It’s less time on the makeup trailer and they have to cover up one part, but I’m happy I got to keep this tattoo…

sexy tyler posey teen wolf star interview comic con 2013 rare scott shows off his tattoo

What creature would Tyler like to see on the show?
I wanna see some really cute or weird creature. Like a killer Furby. It’s a gremlin, I dunno… A zombie… I want the show to have zombies. I wanna be a zombie.”

sexy tyler posey teen wolf star interview comic con 2013 rare scott shows off his tattoo

After Tyler got pulled away we talked to Stiles! Dylan O’Brien was in the house

What can he say about the new season. “Nothing, we’re done. Thanks! No, I can tell you, it’s bigger in terms of cast, more wolves, a new pack, it all has to do with characters we’ve come to know over the first two seasons, there’s a treaty in place and there’s more background of this world, which is something I’ve totally dug.”

Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf Star Stiles interview comic con 2013 rare

Stiles was in a dark place last season, with his father, the danger, etc.. How will that affect Stiles? “He hit a couple walls, with his dad, he was physically harmed, the danger becomes more real. He’s known this thing is dangerous, but he becomes used to it. Getting hurt was jarring. So coming into season 3 he wants to take more ownership of all of it, he’s becoming more focused on saving everyone and he’s becoming more like his dad.”

Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf Star Stiles interview comic con 2013 rare

Would Stiles ever be tempted by the powers that Scott has? “Yeah, that’s completely logical to think. It’s not something we touch on externally but Stiles gets the offer of a bite in season 1, and it’s been in his brain.”

What does season 3 going to bring to the table? “Everyone grows and their world grows.” Dylan added, “I’ve been working with Lydia the most this season and not romantically. Stiles still has those feelings for Lydia that’s the underlying thing this season but it’s them becoming a team.”

Dylan O’Brien Teen Wolf Star Stiles interview comic con 2013 rare

I asked Dylan about adding more humor to the show he said that Season 3 is less humorous than season 2. “It’s darker I think. I don’t know. Maybe that makes the humorous moments more funny.”

Check out Teen Wolf airing on MTV 10/9c!

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