The 2015 Year End Recap! Favorite Moments! Worst Encounters! Bumbling Moments! The MTF Writers Tell All!

As we look forward to 2016, it’s always nice to look back at all the fun things that 2015 brought!

I polled the MTF writers about what they loved about 2015, favorite moments, etc… Check it out below!

What’s your favorite celebrity encounter this year?

Scotty – Tatiana Maslany – Tatiana gave me an amazing moment during the SAG awards this year. She was so friendly and let me geek out. It was AWESOME!

The Novel Strumpet
– Sam Heughan. I got the opportunity to do a round table Q&A with some key people from “Outlander” at SDCC. They were all lovely but Sam stands out because he definitely has this charm about him. That lilting voice and those eyes…he looks at you when answering your question and I just…melted 🙂

Sam Heughan (Jaime Fraser) and myself!

Sam Heughan (Jaime Fraser) and myself!

Mike – This is tough because there were so many awesome moments in 2015. I’m going to have to say, being able to geek out on Kurt Russell. I’ve been a fan since I was four apples high and he was nice to give me a second to trip out. Such a cool dude.

Billy – Patricia Arquette. This says encounter, and not autograph. I’ve gotten Patricia before. She’s usually nice and will do one each if you act like civil human beings. But getting her in full Alabama gear and having her sign multiples finishing my True Romance and Boyhood pieces was the best of the best this year.

True Romance Live Read Patricia Arquette signing autographs fan photo 4

Suddenly Susan – Meeting Ioan Gruffuld. I’ve been a big fan of his for years and never had the chance. I loved his TV show “Forever”. I was totally bummed when it was canceled. He was super sweet. My photo op stinks, but I have a lovely personalized autograph. 

James – This is really hard for me! Meeting Amy Poehler in July was a big deal. Same with Tina Fey.

But my favourite is someone not many people will probably know – meeting my favourite person (Georgia May Foote from Coronation Street) four times over the year, her remembering me each time and giving me a big hug each time is always special.

Big Mike – Ken Kirzinger-Jason from “Freddy Vs Jason. That guy couldn’t have been nicer and cool to just hang around with and shoot the shit.

Ace – James Caan. One of the nicest men that you will ever meet despite what is seen from his characters. He signed a few autographs between my friends and I. He finished my Misery items and signed my Godfather posters. I pushed it asking for another two posters after he signed a handful for me. He laughed and asked If wanted a knuckle sandwich too. Jokingly, I replied, “from James Caan, I wouldn’t mind.” He laughed and said then “Now what do you want, the autograph or the other, I aim to please.” He happily signed my other items and I thanked him for his films.

james caan arriving to jane morgan's walk of fame star ceremony rare scott promo total recall promo goodfellas

What celebrity surprised you the most (in a good way)?

Billy – JK Simmons. I’ve always liked him cause he represent Detroit all the time. Sadly he was never one of the best signers. This year with Whiplash, he became a lot nicer and signed more frequently. I know he’s still not the best, but he is obviously making an effort while and after receiving so many awards last year. Usually, it’s the other way around.

Scotty – I think Ricky Martin surprised me the most. I know there was a fanboy fail reported, but I had another chance to meet him and he could not have been kinder. He gave hugs and handshakes before doing pictures. He seemed very genuine.

Ricky Martin Fan photo signing autographs 1

Mike – After years and years of trying, Geena Davis was so kind to Scotty and I this year. I was on cloud nine for days!

Big Mike – Patricia Arquette. Met her in standing in a concession line at a movie theater. Was so nice and signed my Fangoria book, no problem.

The Novel Strumpet – The team from “Drunk History”…they were all so funny and half the time I didn’t want to ask questions because they just would go off on these hysterical tangents.

Suddenly Susan – Ben McKenzie. Everyone always says he’s nice but super shy. He chatted up a storm with me at Comic Con about my tattoos. He loved them and wanted the back story on all the ones he could see.

Benjamin McKenzie posing for a fan photo with mike the fanboy at a play reading in los angeles hot sexy the oc star southland

Ace – Martin Landau signed his life away at a recent event. I had always heard he was so tough to get. He could not have been nicer.

James – Hard to pick just one, but Nicole Kidman. Every night of her three month theatre stint she signed for everyone waiting at the stage door, and on most nights posed for photos too. But she also made an effort to talk to people, and just came across in a really good way.
Also, honourable mention to Anna Kendrick for, back in May, arriving at 6:57pm for a 7:00pm live TV show ignoring her PA to spend about 5 minutes outside meeting fans. Leaving the presenters of the show to fill for a few minutes until she had finished.

What long-awaited celebrity did you finally meet this year?

Billy – There’s 2 and I can’t decide. George Clooney and Will Smith. Clooney had eluded me for so many years, it was nice to finally get him and finish my Oceans 12 piece with Matt and Brad. Will I’ve been a fan of since He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper came out. I was a bumbling fool when I finally met him!

James – Do I have to choose just one? Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, David Beckham and Michael Flatley.

Amy Poehler signing autographs fan photo 5

Scotty – DAVE GAHAN, The lead singer of Depeche Mode quickly signed an autograph for a few of us and it was definitely a top moment of fanboying for me in 2015.

Ace – William Daniels AKA KITT from Knight Rider and Mr. Feeny. An iconic figure from my childhood growing up. He was more than nice and accommodating when I met him.

William Daniels KITT Mr. Feeny

The Novel Strumpet – Alex Winter aka Bill S. Preston, Esq.!!!!!! I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. I volunteered at an event and he was there (along with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith and so many others), I was in charge of handing out gifts so I got to meet all the celebs – alas was not in a position to ask for pics/autographs since I had to be a “professional”. However, getting say hello to Alex Winter was definitely a highlight!!!!!!

Mike – Billy Crudup! I have been a fan for a long time and he was so over the top cool it wasn’t funny. He signed all my Almost Famous props, did a quote, it was so nice. Plus, there was only a few of us there! “I Am A Golden God!”

Billy Crudup Signing Autographs Jimmy Kimmel live 2014 28

Big Mike – I finally met Alexandra Daddario from San Andreas, True Detective season 1, Texas Chainsaw, et al. Probably the most gorgeous and beautiful girl on the planet.

Male-Henry Rollins. Back in my “fit” days when I wore glasses and looked more manly I would sometimes get compared to Rollins. I met him at the Egyptian Theatre over the fall and he couldn’t have been cooler.

What celebrity did you not really understand their allure/magnetism until you met them?

Big Mike – Ray Wise. Totally charming and humble, generous man. Loves acting and his fans and it shows.

Scotty – I have to say Will Smith. As a kid, I really enjoyed “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” but I have not been a fan of any of his films. When I had the opportunity to meet will, there was something enigmatic about him. He was incredibly kind and gave each of us a “moment.”

Concussion AFI World Premiere! Will Smith! Albert Brooks! Stephen Moyer! Paul Reiser! Anna Paquin! And More!16

James – Tom Hiddleston. I never understood what it is people see in him, but seeing how nice he was on the BAFTA red carpet in February (spending over an hour signing and posing for pictures, at an event where he wasn’t promoting something, was pretty cool. And seeing the crowd there sing him Happy Birthday demonstrated just how popular he is.

Billy – Hulk Hogan. I did not realize how big this dude really was. Not only that, but he’s pretty much in control of the situation when there’s a group of graphers. He made sure you walked away with something.

Mike – Michael Caine. The man is just as you would expect. Proper, cordial, and very English.

Michael Caine on the red carpet at the Now You See Me Movie Premiere New York City Mark Ruffalo Michael Caine Jessie Eisenberg Morgan Freeman Woody Harrelson

What was your most bumbling moment with a celebrity?

The Novel Strumpet – Ummm…well, before SDCC I got my nails done with the symbols from each book in the “Outlander” series and I totally did the fangirl “OMG DIANA GABALDON I LOVE YOUR BOOKS….AND…MY NAILS…LOOK…YOU COVERS….PLEASE LOVE THEM PLEASE LOVE THEM PLEASE LOVE THEM!” Ok, I wasn’t that bad on the outside, but I did blush when I showed them to her and this was what was going through my head ;P

Big Mike – Most of them.

Scotty – Brandon Flowers – The singer for The Killers could not have been more fan friendly this year. I had five amazing encounters with him. I love the group and his solo work so much that I always get tongue twisted when I meet him.

Brandon Flowers The Killers Signing Autographs Jimmy Kimmel Live 2015 1

Ace – All of them. Never a non bumbling moment.

Billy – Probably finally meeting Cindy Crawford. This lady is an Icon, and the first time I finally got a picture with her is still a blur. At her age she is still beautiful!!!

(Editor’s Note: See, I would have picked the time Billy thought Amy Aquino was Edie Falco, and he called her over, only to realize… THAT’S NOT EDIE FALCO! M-)

SAG Awards 2015 signing autographs for fans 24

James – Probably meeting David Beckham, my childhood hero, and telling him how he broke my heart by leaving Manchester United and joining Read Madrid.. on my 11th birthday. I waited twelve years

Suddenly Susan – I always bumble when I talk to Joel Edgerton. He’s amazingly sweet but I always get tongue tied around him. Even at a post Q&A party I was privileged to go to, I babbled on like a goof with no one around pressuring me to move on, etc.

joel edgerton the gift q and a fan photo signing autographs 1joel edgerton the gift q and a fan photo signing autographs 1

Mike – While I’m always calm and in control meeting Mary Louise Parker brings out the 12 year old in me. How can you not help but gush?

Mary Louise Parker Dear Mr you book signing autograph 1

What celebrity will you not try to meet again because it was so disappointing?


Billy – Anthony Mackie

Mike – Cate Blanchett

And that’s a wrap on 2015! Let’s raise a glass to a wonderful 2016!

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