The 2016 Year End Recap! Favorite Moments! Embarrassing Encounters! Surprises! And More! The MTF Writers Tell All!

2016 has come and gone.

Like every year, all of us here at MTF like to look back at some fun things that we’ve experienced.

So, here is our end of the year recap!

What’s your favorite celebrity encounter this year?

Big Mike: Dan Aykroyd. Had been wanting to meet him for years. The appearance was a totally last minute discovery and I grabbed what I could to get signed even though it was only listed as an appearance. The staff said he wasn’t signing at first and then he signed everything everyone had as well as took photos and offered a free drink too. It was a great signing.

Suddenly Susan: Brandon Routh. Superman Returns has special meaning for me and not only did he listen to me blabber on, he really took in what I was saying and engaged back in lovely conversation. Hours later he remembered my name even though he had met hundreds of people that day. So sweet!

Brandon Routh Fan photo heroes and villains fan fest san jose meeting fans

Scotty: I had a number of lucky moments this year, but having a moment and getting a picture with Anthony Hopkins was epic!  He was very patient and kind with all those who wanted a picture with him.  CLASS ACT!

Billy Beer: I don’t think anything can top the experience of getting Nicole Kidman at the SAGs.  She’s not even one of my favorite celebrities, but the amount of yelling clever things to finally break her down was AMAZING!  It was a group effort!

Nicole Kidman signing autographs SAG Awards 2016 signing autographs 1

Erica: Making Chris Pratt laugh while we reminisced about the time we worked on Parks and Rec together.

James: So many to choose from, but I reckon Nick Offerman, who spent about 20 minutes signing and talking to fans in the rain after his only UK show in September. Other highlights include Amy Poehler signing all my Parks & Rec DVDs, with just me waiting, Buzz Aldrin, Robbie Williams and Jennifer Lawrence.

Mike: I would have to say finally meeting Mel Gibson. Say what you want about his personal life, he was so kind to the fans waiting late December. It was really a great final fanboy moment for 2016.

What celebrity surprised you the most (in a good way)?

Big Mike: Nic Cage did his best to sign for every single fan at the event every opportunity he had. The auto wasn’t great, but I’ll take it.


Billy Beer: Mads Mikkelsen.  I had never gotten him before so I didn’t know what to expect.  He was great at the Dr. Strange Premiere.  (Although I don’t think he really signed at Star Wars, but I wasn’t there).

Scotty: Tom Ford was a major score and surprise.  For such a heavy hitter in fashion and film, he was very kind to sign and take photos.

Debbie Harry was also very kind to meet fans at an event this year. AWESOME!

Suddenly Susan: Ben McKenzie – always heard/thought he was kind of a douche but he was super cool at Wondercon. He loved my tattoos!! Very down to earth and super nice.

James: Michael Keaton – after so many bad stories, he signed and posed for photos for everyone waiting outside his hotel.

Mike: Sarah Jessica Parker – I was so lucky to have a fun moment with her very low key and she was so kind, so sweet and just adorable. It really did blow me away.

What long-awaited celebrity did you finally meet this year?

Suddenly Susan: Chris Hemsworth – a pricey photo op, but totally worth it!

chris hemsworth fan photo Wondercon Cleveland2

Scotty: Sarah Jessica Parker at A.F.I. and Tom Ford.  Two biggies in my book!

Billy Beer: Emilia Clarke.  Oddly, even though I’ve been to a number of events that she has attended, I had never gotten her.  It took some convincing from the people running the Spirit Awards to bring the Mother of Dragons over.  But she signed a couple things and I even got a picture. 

James: Paul McCartney, after being very close twice in the past eight years, I finally got an autograph from him this year! Plus Nick Offerman.

Mike: Besides Mel Gibson and Sarah Jessica Parker, definetly Goldie Hawn. She was so cool and so kind. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years and she couldn’t have been sweeter!

Goldie Hawn signing autographs 2016 overboard 9

What was your most bumbling moment with a celebrity?

Scotty: I have to say I had a true bumbling moment with Kim Fields.  I mean it was Tootie!  She finished my cast shot from the Facts of Life!  It was awesome!

Kim Fields Signing Autographs Dancing With The Stars 11

Billy: Krysten Ritter.  Mike took me to a Q & A I feel just to watch me act like an idiot.  I did get my “Smackwich” picture after asking her for 2 year.  I had way too many things for her to sign, but she did them all while I just kept talking and talking.  This was before the 3 photo-ops I asked for.

James: Telling Anna Kendrick I love her, but maybe not being quite so composed! Similar with Jennifer Lawrence

What is the moment that you hold most dear from 2016 in terms of graphing or collecting?

James: The many laughs I’ve had with friends waiting to meet people, they’re the memories I’ll remember most.

Billy Beer: Captain America: Civil War Premiere.  Had a great time hanging out with people for two days, and got almost everyone I was trying to get in the fan pit.  One of the best Premieres I’ve ever been to.

Scotty: Meeting a lot of heavy hitters this year that I have not met before were all very special (Tom Ford, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Grant, and a really cool moment with Ewan McGregor).


Suddenly Susan: Chatting with Brandon Routh and getting my Superman Returns poster signed – it’s looks amazing in silver sharpie and has a nice personalization.

Big Mike: Getting all my John Carpenter items signed after waiting a year. 10 items in one signing!

Mike: I’m going to go with San Diego Comic Con. I had a lot of random luck, received a lot of kindness from friends and strangers and had a blast hanging out with friends. That’s the best part, when you get some cool stuff but get to spend time with friends that like this crazy hobby like you do. It’s fortunate.

MTF FAmily pinky scotty anushikaMike The Fanboy holiday party 2015 41 mike-the-fanboy-christmas-party-2016-59 mike-the-fanboy-christmas-party-2016-59 mike the fanboy 29th birthday party pinky keith coogan scotty mike the fanboy

Looking forward to 2017!

Here are some things the MTF Family is looking forward to in 2017!

What movie/book/TV show are you most looking forward to next year?

Big Mike: Rick & Morty season 3, bitches!

Suddenly Susan: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Scotty: I’m looking forward to The Young Pope on HBO, the second season of Divorce, the new season of House of Cards, and the new season of The Get Down.

Billy: Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Little Lies

Erica: Movies – Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2,  Wonder Woman. Television – Outlander, Game of Thrones and The grand finale for Orphan Black!

What celebrity do you want to meet the most next year?

Big Mike: Robert Englund

Suddenly Susan: Karl Urban

Scotty: Dolly Parton, Riz Ahmed (Loved The Night Of), and The Cast of the Get Down.

Billy: Riley Keough-  Loved the Girlfriend Experience (that sounded bad)  But she is a bad ass in it!

So, let’s lift a glass and say hello to 2017!

On behalf of the MTF Family, here’s wishing everyone out there an awesome new year!

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