The 2017 Year End Recap! Favorite Moments! Embarrassing Encounters! Surprises! And More! The MTF Writers Tell All!

2017 has come and gone. It’s been an interesting year, the world is upside down it seems at times. 

However, like every year, all of us here at MTF like to look back at some fun things that we’ve experienced.

So, here is our end of the year recap!

What’s your favorite celebrity encounter this year?

Erica: Chris Hemsworth made me feel his muscles! He grabbed my hand and placed it on his bicep and smirked as he watched my reaction. (My brain short-circuited.) He was totally messing with me. Later he said I stole his hammer so Thor thinks I’m worthy (and a thief). Bucket list checked!

ScottyAngelina Jolie: She was over the top nice, not once, not twice, but four times. She took pictures, signed, and interacted with the fans making each event really memorable.

Billy Beer: Probably the numerous times I interacted with Evan Rachel Wood.  It got to the point where she remembers me now.  Seeing her band at the time play and talking with her for a while after, was probably my favorite of the encounters.

Evan Rachel Wood meeting fans selfie nice james marsden 10

Ace: Meeting Roger Waters was probably my favorite encounter this year. He is a living musical legend and experiences like that can’t be ignored.

Suddenly Susan: Finally getting a photo with Hugh Jackman! I’ve met him twice, briefly, and gotten his autograph, but the photo eluded me. It was only possible because of Mike and Scotty took an amazing photo. I owe them both big time!

Hugh Jackman with fans selfie signing autographs 2

Mike: Out of all the amazing experiences I’ve had this year, I think my absolute favorite was the Bates Motel FYC event. Lisa, Scotty and I got to meet both Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore and watch the finale of Bates Motel with them. Even better, we then got to party with Freddie Highmore at the actual Bates Motel set at Universal Studios. It was amazing.

freddie highmore meeting fans Bates Motel FYC Meeting Freddie Highmore Vera Farmiga 14

What celebrity did you not really understand their allure/magnetism until you met them?

Erica: Mark Ruffalo is so adorable. He’s like a puppy — he wants to play with everyone! 

Mark Ruffalo fan photo signing autographs

ScottyCharlie Hunnam: He was charismatic and fun to listen to during his Q & A.

Billy Beer: Stevie Wonder.  There are few times I sit there and think “I’m standing next to a legend”  That was one of those times.  

Mike: Robert Pattinson. He was just so chill at a q and a earlier this year. I was really impressed. 

The Lost City Of Z FYC Q and A 5

What celebrity surprised you the most (in a good way)?

ScottyHugh Jackman: He was incredibly kind. The fact that he took pictures with us made it for two memorable events.

Ace: Josh Brolin signed up a storm at three events! He has definitely been a lot more fan friendly. Great to see an actual celebrity sign in this day of age.
Billy BeerNicole Kidman.  She’s had a number of projects out this past year, but from start to finish she’s been one of the years best signers.  She’s not going to line everyone up and rack, but she’s done a 180 when it comes to signing and taking photos-ops, and with the number of awards she’s been nominated for and won, other actors and actresses should take note!
Nicole Kidman signing autographs SAG Awards 2016 signing autographs 1
Mike: You know I was shocked when I was fortunate enough to get a winning ticket to the Ready Player One signing at SDCC. I had a great time at the con this year hanging with my friends, but during the signing, I literally got a have a mini conversation with Steven Spielberg. It was pretty damn amazing, talking to a master filmmaker about this new movie. It was epic.
Ready Player One San Diego Comic Con autograph Signing steven Spielberg 1
What long-awaited celebrity did you finally meet this year?

Scotty: Baz Luhrman: I love his films and was over the top excited to meet him.

Billy Beer: Emily Browning.  I’ve never even see this girl, so we’ll just say when I finally did at the American Gods FYC, I might of had a few things for her to sign….cough 8 cough.  She did 6 of them and posed for pictures, couldn’t have been nicer once the publicist realized she was there for the fans and not to sit and talk to her.    
Ace: Gary Oldman. I have gone for him many times and missed him with the worst possible outcomes. I either stood in the wrong spot or showed up two minutes too late. I finally got him at a Q&A this year. He is everything you hope he would be. He has a cool bravado on screen and off.
Mike: Alanis Morissette. Hand down, or is it Hands Clean? It was a random moment that started with disaster and then ended with a wonderful meeting with the legendary 1990s singer. 
Alanis Morissette meeting fans Transparent FYC Panel 30

What was your most bumbling moment with a celebrity?

Billy Beer:Jessica Alba.  Don’t think I will ever be able to have a normal conversation with her.

ScottySarah Jessica Parker: Our encounter did not go as planned at her event, and my emotions got the best of me. She was kind enough to sign my book before her people rushed her off.

Mike: I think Kevin Costner. I was kind of a mess, he signed on poster in blue and it was supposed to be gold and the other in silver when it should have been blue. I was like. Dammit!

Kevin Costner signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 2017 3

What is the moment that you hold most dear from 2017 in terms of graphing or collecting?

Billy BeerGwen Stefani at the Grove.  I had never gotten the photo-op, and she was so nice and the picture couldn’t have come out better.

ScottyI really enjoyed getting my moments with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Hugh Jackman. I have not had the greatest luck with them, so I am happy to have had great experiences with them this year. Another top moment was sharing the Bates Motel FYC event with Mike, Lisa, Courtney, Robert, Michael, and Steve. It was a truly magical event. Thank you to Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore for being so friendly.

Mike: Gosh, this was a fun year. Hanging with Billy and Russell at SDCC, The FYC events with Lisa, going on random adventures with Scotty, but I think the John Carpenter and James Franco events with my Mom stand out. Just seeing her having such a fun time, was great.

John Carpenter Golden Apple Book signing 2017 13

What Book, Movie or TV Show did you love this year?

The Novel StrumpetBook – How to be a Heroine: this book is a couple years old but we read it for my book group.  It was like being inside my own head – be afraid.  I don’t generally read non-fiction and especially not bios/memoirs but this was intriguing because it was a woman close to my age who decided to go back and read all her heroines from childhood to see if they still held up.  Really fascinating to see how things changed or stayed the same for her. 

TV – Stranger Things 2 and Outlander S3


What Book, Movie or TV Show did you want to love but it totally sucked?

Billy Beer24 Legacy and Powerless… Baywatch

ScottyOzark and Gypsy

Suddenly Susan: It – wanted to love it, but I still think the original TV miniseries was better. The kids in the film had no real connection. I didn’t hate the new version, but it was just OK for me. I say, rent the original!

IT signed autograph poster sdcc comic con finn wolfhard psa

Looking forward to 2018!

Here are some things the MTF Family is looking forward to in 2018!

What movie/book/TV show are you most looking forward to next year?

The Novel StrumpetAside from Outlander Season 4 and The X-Files, The Alienist (which I don’t know how I’m going to watch since I don’t get TNT).  I LOVE the book, it’s one of my top 10 books I’ve ever read, so while I’m leery b/c adaptations and all…I’m also super excited!

BillyReady Player One, Westworld and Game of Thrones

Suddenly SusanAvengers: Infinity War – all my favorites Marvel characters in one movie? Yes, please!

What celebrity do you want to meet the most next year?

Suddenly SusanKarl Urban – he needs to do a convention by me!

ScottyStill wanting to have a moment with Ralph and Joseph Fiennes. I am still hoping to have some luck with Dolly Parton, Meryl Streep, and…..Liv Tyler. Liv, please do a movie or a con to meet your fans!

BillyClint Eastwood

So, let’s lift a glass and say hello to 2018!

On behalf of the MTF Family, here’s wishing everyone out there an awesome new year!


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