The ABC’s Of Sci-Fi Horror! The Letter “C” Creepshow! Cabin Fever! Carrie! The Craft! Child’s Play! And More!

As we go down the alphabet in the ABC’s of Horror and Sci-fi, we hit the letter C! C has a lot of classic titles, like Creepshow, Carrie, Child’s Play, Etc…

I think people forget how many classic titles are out there, because let me tell you, I know I do!

Check out the letter “C” below!

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Here we go again with another letter in the autograph alphabet from my DVD dungeon.  This time we will take a look at genre classics in the C category. 

1.  CABIN FEVER:  Some don’t care for Eli Roth’s style of filmmaking.  I am not in that category.  He has some great original ideas and I enjoy seeing his new projects.  This was his feature film debut and it’s a doozy.  “Cabin Fever” is definitely not for the faint of heart.  I have all the main cast but I have not been able to get Joey Kern!  IT was signed by Eli, Giuseppe Andrews, Cerina Vincent, Matthew Helms, Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd and James DeBello.

CAbin Fever signed autograph dvd cover

2.  CANDYMAN:  Never understood why there were not more films made in this series.  Clive Barker wrote this film and it definitely is one of his classics.  I just wish he hadn’t signed over Tony Todd AND Virginia Madsen! LOL!  Luckily, Xander Berkeley’s signature escaped unharmed.

Candyman signed autograph dvd cover

3.  CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST:  The cover touts “The Most Controversial Movie Ever Made” and for its time they were probably right.  This film is infamous for slaughtering a real turtle on film.  The outrage was immeasurable and as a result many many many people flocked to see it.  The sleeve is signed by director Ruggero Deodago and actors Carl Yorke and Francesca Ciardi.

Cannibal Holocaust signed autograph dvd cover

4.  CARRIE:  Long before Chloe Grace Moretz was even born, Brian DePalma brought Stephen King’s classic to the big screen. Along with Ms. Moretz’s version, there have been two other Carrie incarnations,,,Angela Bettis and Emily Bergl taking the lead in those.  But none hold a candle to the original.  DVD signed by Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Nancy Allen, John Travolta, William Katt, PJ Soles, Edie McClurg and Doug Cox.  Would LOVE to put this to rest by adding Amy Irving, Betty Buckley and….dare I dream…Brian DePalma.

Carrie signed autograph dvd cover

5. CAT PEOPLE:  The first of two Malcolm McDowell classics, “Cat People” was a remake of the 1942 film of the same name.  This one was made a helluva lot sexier with the inclusion of Nastassia Kinski.  Malcolm…O’ Lucky Man indeed!  Malcolm is really friendly to his fans.  You can find McDowell and Kinski in attendance at many horror conventions.  Get yours signed!    My sleeve was also signed by Annette O’Toole and Lynne Lowry!  HEADS UP!  If you ever get chance to meet O’Toole take your Spinal Tap LP or your Laverne & Shirley lunchbox.  She’s married to David St. Hubbins and Lenny Kosnowski…better known as Michael McKean!

Cat People signed autograph dvd cover

6.  CHILD’S PLAY:  There are so many great films this time around.  Under any other circumstances “Child’s Play” would be my top choice.  Alas, it was not.  But goddamn if Brad Dourif doesn’t put up a helluva fight!  This sleeve was signed by Brad, as well as Alex Vincent, Chris Sarandon, Catherine Hicks, Dinah Manoff, Ed Gale, writer Don Mancini and director Tom Holland.  With the release of “Curse of Chucky” there have been many screening of the earlier entries in the series with cast and crew in attendance for Q&As.  So keep an eye open!  HEADS UP!  Ms. Manoff was recently seen attending book signings with her mother….”The Omen” Actress Lee Grant!

Child's Play signed autograph dvd cover

7.  A CLOCKWORK ORANGE:  McDowell making his second appearance in the column today.  What can be said about “A Clockwork Orange” that hasn’t already been said?  Kubrick’s masterpiece?  Perhaps.  I suggest reading the Burgess novel before seeing the film.  It is a great book.  Kubrick took some liberties with the story (as ALL filmmakers do) as he also did with Steven King’s “The Shining”.  Both the novels and their film counterparts are excellent in their own ways.  Experience both.  I have included not one but TWO copies of the DVD signed by Malcolm.  The first is the old cardboard cover which he signed for me in 2005.  I purchased the new release hoping to replace my original once I had Malcolm sign it…which he did in 2009.  Alas.  In comparing the two the older graph is much better than what he typically does now.  So now BOTH rest on my DVD shelf for all eternity.  It is sad to see how celebrity sometimes lose interest in signing nice signatures for fans and resort to what is little more than scribbles.  (Cough cough ….Jonah Hill… cough cough!)

A Clockwork Orange signed autograph dvd cover

A Clockwork Orange signed autograph dvd cover

8.  THE CRAFT:  The lesson in this film is never piss off a girl…especially one that dabbles in witchcraft!  Great film.  Great cast!  Took five years to complete this DVD sleeve.  Got Fairuza Balk at a convention in 2009 and barely finished it this year when I met Rachel True at a screening.  I wish Neve had signed in black or blue but I’ll take what I can get!

The Craft signed autograph dvd cover

9. CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON LEGACY COLLECTION:  The last of the classic Universal Monsters, Creature from the Black Lagoon is the also the last of those films to still have its main monster still alive…well at least one of the them.  You see, for filming two actors were required to play the creature.  One for the underwater scenes and one for the on land scenes.  Ben Chapman was the Creature in all the scenes where the Creature is out of water.  Ricou Browning handled the underwater scenes.  Unfortunately Chapman passed in 2008.  He was very kind and appreciative to his fans.  Browning is still alive as is Julie Adams.  Both attend horror conventions but they aren’t getting any younger.  If you hear they will be making an appearance get yourself there any way possible and don’t let the opportunity to meet a real original Universal monster pass you by!  DVD cover is signed by Chapman, Browning, Adams, and Lori Nelson from “Revenge of the Creature”.  HEADS UP!  If you ever meet Clint Eastwood and grow tired of having him sign Dirty Harry items for you.  Maybe surprise him with a “Revenge of the Creature” piece…he played a scientist in it!

The Creature From The Black Lagoon signed autograph dvd cover

10.  CREEPSHOW:  A lot of strong contenders this time, but “Creepshow” is my top pick.  I love the individual segments as well as the wrap around story.  Still waiting for Stephen King (oh boy do I have DVDs for you Mr. King!) but in the meantime it is signed by director George Romero (Wait till we get to D!), Gaylen Ross, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Savini, Ed Harris, Ted Danson, the late Leslie Nielsen,Tom Atkins, and John Amplas on the cover.  It has been signed on the back by artist Bernie Wrightson.  I love this film and if you like horror anthologies you will love this too!

Creepshow signed autograph dvd cover

Whew!  That was a great letter!  But as Karen Carpenter used to sing, we’ve only just begun”! Get ready for some zombie goodness heading your way in the next installment of The ABCs of Sci-Fi Horror!

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