The Avengers Star And New Incredible Hulk Mr. Mark Ruffalo Stops To Sign Autographs And Meet Fans! Totally Awesome!

mark ruffalo signed autograph mike the fanboy mike sametz rare the avengers incredible hulk a view from the top I really hope this is a quick day, because I just twisted my ankle, and I don’t want to be out on my feet very long. I really sound like an invalid. I mean my back goes out, my ankle gets twisted, what the hell is wrong with me! Lol… Anyway, I’m going out today for Mr. Mark Ruffalo! I have heard he’s super nice and met him once before, so I’m hoping he will sign before going inside. He’s taping a talk show today and if there’s not many people we might be able to get him on the way in, and then I can go home and work on getting that life I have been dreaming of. Lol…. Good times…

5:22 p.m. – I just got here, and I’m pretty late but there are only about 10 people or so here. I thought there might be a lot, but I guess not. Wow, that Rhymed… I must be tired. Lol…

5:33 p.m. – Scotty, CB and Anushika are here already. I was debating on and off about coming but figured I should since I have heard how cool Mark Ruffalo is.

5:39 p.m. – I have my View From The Top and Just Like Heaven mini posters along with the new Details Magazine Mark is on the cover of. Scotty has his Kids are Alright Poster.

5:41 p.m. – Funny thing, I used to hate A View From The Top, and now… I love it! Sigh… I don’t know why, so don’t even ask me but it’s just such a cute movie! A View From The Top fans unite!

5:54 p.m. – I was hoping Mark Ruffalo would arrive already but he’s not here as of yet… sigh…

6:12 p.m. – A couple more people arrive but still there are only like 12 of us here… And everyone is pretty cool so God willing we can convince him to cover over.

6:23 p.m. – Still nothing… Shoot I was hoping Mark Ruffalo would come early, but it looks like that was a pipe dream.

6:34 p.m. – CB has an Avengers image for Mark Ruffalo since Mark is the new Incredible Hulk is the uber superheroes flick. Sigh that’s going to be a bitch to get finished!

6:43 p.m. – It’s a beautiful day out… It was super hot but now… it’s wonderful. Good times…

6:54 p.m. – I think something is… nope, nothing is happening… lol….

7:02 p.m. – Oh, there, now something is happening… it’s Mark Ruffalo he has arrived!

LOL… Attention royal subjects! Mark Ruffalo has arrived! Lol… I’m such a dork. Mark is here and he talks to some random guy for a second as we all call for him… he waves… and walks right on over! YAY!
the avengers mark ruffalo new incredible hulk rare signed autograph promo just like heaven the kids are alright hot sexy rare promo
7:03 p.m. – Mark makes his way down the line and is signing autographs for everyone; Mark Ruffalo signed autograph sexy hot just like heaven the avengers incredible hulk joss whedon sexy rare kids are alright a view from the top 13 going on 30it looks like a couple per person. Scotty gets a picture with him, and I think CB does as well. He is moving fast but is also taking his time with everyone. mark ruffalo signed autograph the avengers joss whedon rare promo incredible hulk a view from the top 13 going on 30 kids are alright mini posterDude, he’s so nice!
mark ruffalo signed autograph 13 going on 30 mini poster rare a view from the top the avengers joss whendon hulk just like heaven sexy hot
7:04 p.m. – Mark Ruffalo gets to me and signs my Just Like Heaven poster and then signs my A View From The Top poster as well. Mark ruffalo signed autograph promo rare 13 going on 30 hot sexy damn fine photo shoot details magazine a view from the top mini posterThen he continues signing and one of the other collectors helps me by taking my photo with Mark Ruffalo for me. rare just like heaven mini uk quad poster hand signed mark ruffalo reese witherspoon hot sexy promo poster one sheet And then Mark signs my Details Magazine for me as well.
mark ruffalo signed details magazine promo the kids are alright may 2011 hot sexy magazine cover rare autographed
Dude, Mark Ruffalo is the bomb! So nice, why can’t all celebrities be this cool? He is just so down to earth, I’m super impressed! Now I just have to start The Avengers lol… Ugh… That will be a massive undertaking let me tell you! LOL…
gwyneth paltrow mark ruffalo hand signed promo a view from the top mini poster autograph rob lowe mike myers hot sexy christina applegate

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