The Best Spanish Series to Watch This Fall!

Autumn is a good time to start learning a new language, or at least to fall in love with it from the TV series. What else is there to do on long autumn evenings? Nothing else, except for simple online casino games or a tasty meal. Here are the best Spanish series to watch today.

Money Heist

A Spanish heist series that has become a worldwide hit. Eight criminals dressed in bright red costumes and fantasy masks with the face of Salvador Dali break into the Royal Spanish Mint and take hostages consisting of schoolchildren and employees. Why? To pull off the most daring heist in history, commandeering over two billion euros. 


The plan is non-violent, and foreseeing all possible options and nuances of events, it seems genius. The entire operation is led by the mysterious Professor, ready at any moment to fight back the most experienced policeman. Will the group of unusual burglars be able to carry out their adventurous plan?

The Girl in the Mirror

All the classmates of the main character named Alma died under strange circumstances in a bus accident. The girl is the only survivor, but she completely loses her memory. Returning to her home, she doesn’t recognize it, the heroine is plagued by nightmares. Alma has to find out what really happened on that terrible day. And the most important thing is to remember who she is.

La Otra Mirada

A new teacher arrives at a strict boarding school for noble maidens in Seville and unwittingly begins to change the foundations of the ancient institution with her progressive views.


The series is set in the 1920s in Seville. A new teacher, Teresa, arrives at the local women’s academy and gradually overturns the lives of her students and the institution’s staff.


The heroine seems to come from another world, a world more free and liberated, which immediately comes into conflict with the established traditions and moral values of a conservative society. Each episode will gradually reveal the mystery of Teresa’s past and the reasons why she came to this academy. The episodes will also reflect the acute problems of that time, unfortunately, not losing their relevance in the modern world, such as: economic and social inequality, the acceptance of one’s sexual identity, the position of women in society.

La Caza. Monteperdido

The Spanish town of Monte Perdido, nestled in the beautiful Pyrenees, seemed a peaceful place, far from turmoil. But one day tragedy strikes in the town: Two girls who have not returned from school, most likely lost somewhere in the impenetrable forests. All the forces of Monte Perdido were thrown into the search for Anna and Lucia: both the police and ordinary citizens combed all the surrounding areas. However, this large-scale operation was unsuccessful.


Five years later, when the town began to forget the tragedy, one of the girls, Anna, is suddenly found! She is found unconscious, with a serious head injury apparently caused by a car accident.


The investigation is reopened by a team of experts sent from Madrid: Sara Campos and her mentor Santiago Bain. Together with Victor Gamero, the police officer of Monte Perdido, they will try to find the second girl and get to the bottom of the truth. The heroes, immersed in this difficult case, will face a lot of secrets and mysteries related to the events of five years ago.


Isabel Mora investigates the murders of ex-convicts who have just been released thanks to changes in the country’s laws. A gripping crime thriller about law, justice and revenge.


Spain, 2013. The country repeals the controversial Parot doctrine, a law that prohibits criminals who have committed the most serious offenses from asking for a reduced sentence. Thanks to this change, several people convicted of serious offenses – rape, murder and terrorism – are released early. Soon, just a few hours after their release, one of them mysteriously dies. A female detective, Isabel Mora, is assigned to investigate what happened, along with Detective Niet. The next day, another ex-convict becomes the victim of a brutal attack. Who and why is attacking former criminals? Will Isabel figure out the killer and prevent more victims?


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