Manic Mondays! Pinky Finally Meets The ENTIRE Cast Of 90210! And The Last Person Was On Her Flight Home! Say Wha?

It’s so fun to have a random encounter like Pinky talks about below. Especially when it’s someone you’ve loved for so long.

As you all know, Pinky loves 90210, it was a seminal series for so long. It ran for over 10 years! Man, it’s shocking to even think about that.

Pinky and Keith have been doing some q and a’s at the Alamo Drafthouse that we had mentioned before, (incidentally, I think there’s a couple more stops left !) and who was on their plane? James Eckhouse, AKA Mr. Walsh from 90210!

Check out Pinky’s recap below!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here loving how things turn out sometimes. As you may recall, I’ve been slowly, but surely, meeting members of one of my all-time favorite shows, Beverly Hills 90210, over the years.

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And despite a few minor characters, I’d almost met everyone – all the main kids, Mrs. Walsh,

90210 stars Carol Potter Joe E. Tata now 2014 fan photo signing autographs 2

and Nat from the Peach Pit.

90210 stars Carol Potter Joe E. Tata now 2014 fan photo signing autographs 2

My only missing person? Mr. Jim Walsh himself, played by James Eckhouse.


As luck would have it, he was on our flight home from Texas! Can you believe it? There we were, completely exhausted from a super fun and exciting trip to Texas (where we were able to meet some amazing fans!) and then, lo and behold, James Eckhouse sat in the seat right behind us on the plane. What are the chances?!?! I mean, really. I was so thrown by it, though, as I’ve never sat on a plane with someone I wanted to get a picture with before. In fact, when he first walked by, I almost called out, “Jim Walsh!” but, luckily, I held it in. I tried to slyly tell Keith that Mr. Walsh was right there, but that almost blew up in my face, as he almost blurted it out right there. For the entire flight, I tried to contain myself. I kept trying to plan out what I’d say and hoped he’d agree to the picture. He was the last one from the cast! He had to say yes! Keith convinced me to wait until we got back into the airport (as the plane dropped us off on the tarmac) and I made sure to get inside before James did. Once he entered, I asked him for a picture and explained that I was a huge fan and had met everyone from the cast except for him. And, yay! He agreed to the picture! I didn’t even blather too long (well, a little bit, sure)! Hooray! So thrilled. I mean, what are the chances? Such a small world!

James Eckhouse fan photo now 2015 mr walsh 1

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