The Devil’s Due Blu-Ray Review! The Antichrist Is Coming In This New Found Footage Film!

Found footage films are all the rage lately. When they work, movies with that angle can have dramatic impact. Who can forget The Blair Witch Project? It was a cultural phenomenon. Other films like Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity have fared decently but it felt more like a gimmick rather than an actual film based on found footage. In fact, a real found footage film works best when you actually have a link between the footage and the main characters. Not just the slap happy best friend, who is fortunately obsessed with recording every possible second of his life, up until his eventual death.

In the new horror film, The Devils Due, new husband Zach (Zach Gilford) is bloody and discombobulated while at the local police station being interviewed. This camera with the presumed “found footage” is filming the interchange. Suddenly, we are swept up in Zach’s flashback which explain’s why he’s in a sorry state of affairs. It’s here where we meet Sam (Allison Miller), Zach’s wife.

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Sam and Zach are taken to a super secret party in the bottom of an old decrepit building. Sam and Zach are out of sorts, were they drugged? Did they do some shots? Sam is carted off for some satanic ritual, and during the event the camera with the “found” footage seems to have gotten drugged as well, it keeps cutting in and out like it is losing power.


Sam then finds herself shockingly pregnant, wait… She has a little Rosemary’s Baby inside her? Sam feels the demon spawn growing inside her and heads to the OBGYN who himself is a tad off. Sam then has odd cravings, like she wants raw meat… I would say that’s a bad sign. But it could be just me. The little bugger inside Sam wants her to know he’s an evil menace, and why wouldn’t he? If I was the antichrist, I would want people to know. I’d buy a shirt, but that’s just me.


I love horror movies, but let’s be honest, it’s hard to take them really seriously. There’s a few horror classics but for the most part, horror is divided into camp, not bad enough to be camp, and gore. The found footage aspect allows the filmmakers a little leeway and helps differentiate the movie from antichrist classics like The Omen or Rosemary’s Baby. I can’t say that The Devil’s Due sheds new light on the subject.


Both Allison Miller and Zach Gilford are fine in the roles as the haggard parents who don’t know what to do with the satan fetus that they’ve fostered. Miller in particular has a couple nice scenes, especially towards the end.

I’m going to admit that the whole end of the world, biblical prophecy, antichrist notion has always creeped me out. Even The Omen 3 gave me the chills, so it’s no surprise to me that The Devil’s Due gave me the shivers. But that’s part of the fun of watching a horror film? Letting yourself be scared.


The end of the film, is an interesting notion and probably the creepiest thing about the whole film, that this isn’t an isolated incident (like it has been portrayed in past horror classics). In this film, the Satanic Spermination has happened not only before but continually and will continue to happen until the antichrist is in power.
See, I told you it creeps me out. Satanic children growing up, it’s disturbing!

The Devil’s Due has a stylistic choice to be a bit grainy, in terms of picture quality, so it’s hard to really judge the picture quality. The movie is shot very dark and even the scenes filmed during the day don’t really pop with color. Again, this is more to due with the stylistic choice, than with the transfer.


Special features on the blu-ray release include, Deleted Scenes, Director’s Photo Album, Radio Silence: A Hell of a Team which is a featurette that features the creative personal behind the scenes, Ashes to Ash which is more found footage, The Lost Time which is a short found footage featurette featuring two Spanish kids, Roommate Allen Prank Goes Bad, Mountain Devil Prank Fails Horribly and an audio commentary.

Overall, while The Devil’s Due isn’t going to earn any place on the best horror films of all time list, it’s not bad to pop in while hanging with your friends for a friday night horror film fest. It has some genuinely creepy moments and the two leads are good in the roles. To me any film about the antichrist gives me the creeps, and this one delivered on that.

The Devil’s Due is out now on blu-ray!

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