The Evil Dead Is Heading To The Small Screen! Ash Is Back! Bruce Campbell! Sam Raimi!

The Evil Dead is coming to the small screen!

Starz just announced that it greenlit an adaptation of the hit horror comedy hybrid saga for the small screen.

evil dead book of the dead dvd

Bruce Campbell is set to star in the series tentatively titled, “Ash Vs. Evil Dead.”

Dude, Sam Raimi is even back, and will hopefully direct some of the episodes as well as directing the pilot.

Campbell is going to reprise his iconic role as Ash, the stock boy and monster hunter. Apparently a plague threatens to destroy mankind. Ash has to face his demons and the Evil Dead.

Love it!

Evil Dead evil dead original the evil dead rare press promo still photo rare hot

I think Starz has done some great work these days and I’m excited to see what they can do with an adaptation of The Evil Dead.

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