The Final Three Limited Edition Paleyfest Posters Are Out! Freaks and Geeks! Parks and Recreation! Eastbound and Down?

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I’m sitting here debating about going to the Palefest… I know I know… This year is crap, but I feel like I should at least attend one event right? Sigh… Or not… Anyway, the final three of the limited edition Paleyfest posters are out. They are for Parks and Recreation, Eastbound and Down, and the Freaks and Geeks reunion.

The strange thing is why are only some shows getting the special posters? No Glee? No White Collar? No Hot in Cleveland? I mean hello… If Eastbound and Down can get a poster surely Rasing Hope deserves one?

Still they are pretty rad, and I’m becoming quite a fan of doing these rare limited edition posters.

The studio that is distributing them rocks!

Check out the other two final versions of the poster after the jump!

paleyfest 2011 parks and recreation amy poehler baby mamma hand signed limited edition sexy posters rare hot chris pratt
eastbound and down rare paleyfest 2011 limited edition danny mcbride james franco pineapple express signed autograph posters rare hot

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