The Funko Five! Spider-Man! Jimi Hendrix! Joey Ramone! And Tons More!

Friday Funko Five



What’s up, kiddies? A few of the Funko Pop Vinyls you might want to add to your collections are quite doozies. For all you rockers out there a couple of must-haves are the legendary Jimi Freakin’ Hendrix and Joey Freakin’ Ramone Pops coming out soon. Get out the lava lamps, black lights and turntables while you chill out listening to some of their classic rock Not under the influence of wacky cigarettes. One of my favorite adversaries of Bugs Bunny was Marvin the Martian. He has a variation or two coming out so get off your ass and grab one. One of this summer’s highly anticipated releases is the new Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will feature Michael Keaton playing another “Birdman” called the “Vulture”. Be sure and grab the glow-in-the-dark exclusive. And lastly, Star Wars Celebration just passed us by last weekend and one of the exclusives was a hooded Luke Skywalker. Perhaps he’s hiding his face from the padawans and broke Jedis who can’t afford the steep as hell $250 autograph price he’s now charging. Ouch. I guess he really needs the dough. Have fun collecting out there.


Jimi Hendrix Pop Vinyl

Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Pop! Vinyl Figure


Joey Ramone Pop Vinyl

Joey Ramone Pop! Vinyl Figure


Marvin the Martian Vinyl

Space Jam Marvin the Martian Pop! Vinyl Figure

Spider-Man: Homecoming Glow in the Dark Vulture Pop Vinyl


Star Wars 2017 Celebration Hooded Luke Skywalker Pop Vinyl

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