The Hollywood Maven Drools Over George Clooney! Gets Frightened By Tin Tin! And Hates Those Happy Feet! In This Weeks DVD Roundup!

I must apologize to The Movie Maven… Sigh… In my mucus induced haze I’ve been negligent in posting her latest column… Grumble… Bad Fanboy! BAD!

Anyway, check out the Maven’s recap of the latest in DVD releases on Redbox, Amazon and Netflix. Including My Week With Marilyn, Happy Feet Two, The Descendants and more!


So many great movies this week! I am excited to share with you some terrific movies to rent or buy this weekend!
New Releases to DVD and

The Descendants– George Clooney…..Ahh, he seems to deny the laws of physics and just gets better looking with age.  He is so good in this movie, he totally molds into the character and is so lovable in this role.  This is a great movie and one to definitely check out this weekend!
descendants rare one sheet movie poster promo george clooney matthew lillard

The Adventures of Tin Tin– Is anyone else creeped out by this type of animation? I don’t know how they can keep kids attention in a movie that is almost 2 hours long!
adventures_of_tintin_the_secret_of_the_unicorn rare promo one sheet movie poster promo dvd release

My Week with Marilyn– Michelle Williams sure has come a long way since Dawson’s Creek.  She makes a fabulous and surprisingly relatable Marilyn Monroe. This movie could have been a bad rendition surrounding Marilyn’s high profile drama, however this movie makes the audience see Marilyn as an insecure and lonely woman. 

my_week_with_marilyn michelle williams rare promo one sheet movie poster oscar nominated

Happy Feet Two– The sequel to Happy Feet just cannot hold up to the original.  For a kids movie you would think that the plot would be easy to follow however for the first 30 minutes it’s hard to determine what these flightless birds are going to do.

happy_feet_two rare promo one sheet movie poster cute penguins rare happy feet 2 pink

Young Adult– Well this movie was not what I thought it was going to be. After watching the previews I thought it was going to be a comical movie about the popular girl in high school coming home, it was a popular girl coming home but it was bizarre and kind of awkward to watch. I didn’t really know how to feel about this movie after watching it, personally I think I would pass on it.

young_adult rare promo one sheet movie poster charlize theron hot promo dvd release jason reitman

New Releases to Redbox


Jack and Jill– To clarify last week in case I lost any credibility with you I did not say I liked this movie, it just wasn’t as terrible as I was thinking it would be. Are we friends again?
jack_and_jill rare promo one sheet movie poster adam sandler drag queen cross dressing comedy

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