The Los Angeles World Premiere of Scream 4! Courteney Cox! Neve Campbell! Emma Roberts! Anna Paquin! And More!

scream 4 world premiere david arquette courteney cox emma roberts anna paquin kristen bell neve campbell

There are certain movies that just bring me back to times in my life. One of the main movies… Scream. I will never forget seeing it for the first time when it was released, before everyone started talking about it with my friend Meredith. She was scared as hell, that probably had something to do with the fact I told her it was a comedy, but still it … well it was fun for me. Lol… and Scream 2 I went to see with my friend Liz, and Scream 3 was the first movie I saw in Los Angeles. Today is the premiere of Scream 4, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am… It’ll be a long day, but I really want to be a part of the “Scream experience” so here it goes…

1:08 p.m. – I just arrived, yes it’s early but I just wasn’t sure how crazy it would be. I mean it could be empty or it could be insane crazy…

1:11 p.m. – Apparently, empty is the clear winner. There is no one else here. LOL… Well, I have a couple Entertainment Weekly magazines to keep me company! Lol…

empty barricade at the Scream 4 premiere with courteney cox david arquette neve campbell rare sexy hot ghostface

1:19 p.m. – The carpet is going up, but it seems really short. I thought that this would be a huge premiere… Huh…

1:29 p.m. – Oh, Anushika just arrived. Yay, I am no longer alone. I picked a spot that I think is good, right after the water guards. It’s like barely a yard away from the corner.

scream 4 premiere red carpet david arquette courteney Cox david arquette neve campbell rare signed autograph

1:38 p.m. – I have seen so many people skip that entire section, so this seems like the absolute best spot… Sigh…

1:54 p.m. – I’m holding a spot for CB, and I’m not sure but Scotty might show up. I think he’s going to take a pass on this one though. Ah well…

2:32 p.m. – I have my Scream 4 mini poster with me. The cool thing is that I have Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, and Wes Craven on it already. I’ve been looking forward to it for such a long time, so as soon as the teaser poster came out I had to get it.

2:39 p.m. – It’s nice because now I can focus on the smaller people. Since I already have the original cast.

3:02 p.m. – I am getting so hungry! I feel like I am wasting away to nothing. LOL… If only that were true.

3:14 p.m. – Yay, CB is here, and I am going to eat. MMMMMMM salsa… God, I love salsa…

4:19 p.m. – Ah, I feel so much better now that I’ve eaten. The carpet is almost done I think. Anushika noticed the platforms set up. It’s a tad strange, but it looks like they are doing interviews first with Entertainment Tonight, E! and more.

scream 4 red carpet world premiere los angeles david arquette courteney cox neve campbell rare signed autograph

4:35 p.m. – It is a beautiful day, and wow… There is a man dressed like a lemon. Huh…

a man dressed like a lemon on hollywood blvd at the scream 4 world premiere los angeles rare signed autograph

4:37 p.m. – Now the man dressed like a lemon is taking a picture with the wax figure of Shrek. Damn… Now, that’s something you don’t see everyday!

scream 4 man dressed like a lemon at the scream 4 premiere shrek neve campbell rare

4:43 p.m. – I’m getting excited! The carpet is getting almost done; it’s close to five… Yay!

4:59 p.m. – There is a little person dressed up like Mr. T! Only in Hollywood! A man dressed like a lemon, a little person dressed like Mr. T! You just can’t make that shit up!

scream 4 premiere man dressed like MR. t signed autograph hollywood blvd costume character

5:39 p.m. – Wow, it’s getting really packed now, it’s like three people deep. The nice thing is they moved the barricade into the street so it’s not on the edge so God willing it won’t crush anyone. Whoo Hoo! I’m all for not crushing anyone!

scream 4 world premiere los angeles crowd at the barricade rare signed autograph people fans hot rare signed poster

6:03 p.m. – The carpet has started… Well, no one is here yet, but technically is has started! lol…

6:13 p.m. – Oh the first arrival. It’s Anthony Anderson. Everyone is yelling for him to come over. He looks over and starts to cross. Security escorts him across the street.

anthony anderson signed autograph scream 4 world premiere poster rare the backup plan

6:14 p.m. – Anthony Anderson crosses and starts to sign. He says, “I’m the black dude in the movie who doesn’t die in the first five minutes!” LOL…

anthony anderson signed autograph scream 4 world premiere poster rare the back up plan

6:15 p.m. – Anthony comes my way and signs my poster. I think CB and Anushika get him to sign as well. He does a lot of the line, but then is called onto the carpet.

anthony anderson deputy perkins scream 4 rare signed autograph world premiere los angeles cinese theatre

6:24 p.m. – Oh, the next…. Wait, that’s David Arquette, he just crossed the street. He walked right across the street to the carpet. LOL, I guess they couldn’t afford a car.

6:25 p.m. – Everyone yells for David Arquette to come over, and he comes right on over.

6:26 p.m. – David Arquette starts to sign for people but is strange. I mean be bops around and then stops and stays in the same place.

david arquette dewey riley signed autograph scream 4 world premiere los angeles rare barricade never been kissed

6:28 p.m. – Now, David is coming this way, and… He skips our whole section! What… he is three people down from me now. CB got David Arquette to sign a 4×6 photo for God sakes… Sigh… God love him.

david arquette signed autograph dewey riley scream 4 world premiere poster fans hot sherriff

6:29 p.m. – Great David Arquette is taking off now… Man that was strange… sigh… Ah well, if I had to miss someone David is the one. Lol…

6:35 p.m. – Oh another arrival… It’s Lucy Hale! Everyone yells for her. She points this way and her people lead her over.

lucy hale scream 4 world premiere signed autograph hot sexy rare Sherrie

6:36 p.m. – Lucy Hale again starts on the other end and then people keep asking for photos and it keeps slowing things down. Arg… I was here so early and it doesn’t look like I actually got a good spot! Dammit!

Lucy hale scream 4 world premiere signed autograph fans barricade los angeles chinese theatre rare fans hot sexy sherrie

6:38 p.m. – Finally Lucy Hale makes her way down to my end. Her people are saying they have to pull her. I asked Lucy’s publicist if she could sign my poster in silver. and Then before she gets pulled Lucy Hale’s publicist tells her to sign my poster! YAY! I was the last one to get her!

6:42 p.m. – Oh, there’s Emma Roberts! BTW she’s Julia’s niece. Anyway, everyone yells for her, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to come over.

emma roberts julia valentine's day scream 4 world premiere signed autograph rare sexy hot nancy drew

6:43 p.m. – Wait… Oh, Emma is coming over! She walks to the corner and then starts to sign for everyone and I do mean everyone.

emma roberts scream 4 world premiere signed autograph fans barricade nancy drew valentine's day hot sexy julia

6:44 p.m. – Emma Roberts is stopping for photos, she’s signing, I mean wow, she is really taking her time with the crowd.

emma roberts signing autographs for the crowd at the scream 4 world premiere in los angeles valentine's day nancy drew

6:45 p.m. – Oh… Emma Roberts is almost to us… Yep, she is so nice. Emma signs my poster, and then signs CB’s poster.

emma roberts signed autograph scream 4 world premiere nancy drew hot sexy valentine's day

6:46 p.m. – Emma Roberts is going down almost the entire line. I mean that’s really nice, she is taking so much time.

6:48 p.m. – Alison Brie is here now… Everyone yells for her… She’s coming on over.

6:49 p.m. – We are getting really lucky. I mean everyone seems to be coming over. Knock on barricade! Lol…

alison brie scream 4 world premiere sexy hot signed autograph mad men community world premire los angeles

6:50 p.m. – Alison is signing down the line, but isn’t spending as much time as Emma Roberts. They are kind of rushing Alison Brie through the crowd.

Alison Brie Mad men community scream 4 world premiere signed autograph rare hot sexy fine trudy Rebecca Walters

6:52 p.m. – Almost to us now… Alison signs my Scream 4 poster and then goes down the line a little farther before they take her back.

Alison Brie Scream 4 Rebecca Walters signed autograph premiere los angeles mad men community rare sexy hot signed

6:55 p.m. – Emma Roberts is still signing down the line. Wow, I’m so impressed!

6:57 p.m. – Hayden Panettiere just arrived. Wow, she looks great in a beautiful red dress. She didn’t even wait for us to call her; she just came right on over.

6:58 p.m. – Emma Roberts is leaving the line and going to the carpet. She sees Hayden in the street and they hug. LOL, it’s very cute.

Hayden Panettiere emma roberts hug scream 4 world premiere sexy hot signed autograph los angeles rare

6:59 p.m. – Hayden Panettiere signs at the beginning, but I have to tell you, the people wanting pictures are killing me.

hayden panettiere scream 4 heroes world premiere signed autograph rare hot sexy cheerleader kirby reed

7:04 p.m. – Hayden is almost to me now. She signs a large one sheet poster and then is coming near me.

Hayden Panettiere signed autograph scream 4 world premiere kirby reed heroes claire sexy hot rare cheerleader

She has the silver pen and is about to sign my poster, and then says, I gotta go. And walks away. Killing me! Can you believe it! Sigh…

7:08 p.m. – Adam Brody just arrived. He is looking over and it seems like he is deciding whether or not to sign.

adam brody the oc jennifers body mr and mrs smith signed autograph scream 4 premiere

7:09 p.m. – He goes to the corner and is crossing to sign.

7:10 p.m. – Adam Brody is signing for pretty much everyone. He is also doing photos. It’s getting later and later though, and it always gets harder as the time gets shorter. Sigh…

adam brody scream 4 premiere los angeles signed autograph rare hot sexy the oc jennifers body

7:12 p.m. – Adam gets to us and signs… Not the best signature mind you, but still I’m glad we got him. LOL… He’s getting pulled as soon as he gets finished signing for Anushika.

7:14 p.m. – Neve Campbell is walking around the corner to the carpet. LOL… I really think it’s strange that the two stars of the movie walked! Lol… She waves but doesn’t cross. She heads right up to talk to Entertainment Tonight.

neve campbell sidney prescott scream 4 signed autograph rare hot sexy world premiere los angeles the craft

7:16 p.m. – Oh, Neve and David are on the carpet and hug!

7:17 p.m. – Kristen Bell arrived and waved, but had no intention of coming over. Sigh…

7:22 p.m. – Neve Campbell is done with her first interview and the crowd keeps calling for her. She stops the interviews and opens the barricade and crosses!

7:24 p.m. – Neve is signing for pretty much everyone, and doing photos as well.

Neve campbell signs autographs for fans at the scream 4 world premiere in los angeles sidney prescott hot sexy the craft

7:26 p.m. – Anna Paquin just arrived but I don’t think anyone really saw with Neve Campbell over here signing.

7:25 p.m. – Neve is coming over to us now. I got her on a photo, and my 2000 Scream 3 Entertainment Weekly.

scream 3 japanese presskit press kit neve campbell signed autograph rare sidney prescott

7:26 p.m. – CB helps me out with Neve and gets her to sign my Japanese Scream 3 press kit.

neve campbell signed autograph rare sidney prescott scream 4 world premiere hot sexy the craft

7:27 p.m. – Neve Campbell signs for most of the line, and is very nice.

neve campbell signed autograph neve campbell us magazine book scream 4 world premiere sidney prescott hot

I mean I am shocked at how nice she is. I mean really. I met her last week and she was just as sweet.

Neve Campbell signed autograph scream 4 world premiere sidney prescott fans hot rare the craft

7:31 p.m. – Oh Neve is going back to the carpet now. She went down the line a long long way.

entertainment weekly magazine scream 3 2000 neve campbell hand signed autograph rare hot courteney cox

7:38 p.m. – Wow, Courteney Cox still hasn’t arrived… And… Speaking of Courteney, there she is. She walked from the hotel.

7:39 p.m. – Courteney Cox didn’t even go to the carpet; she just turned the corner and started to sign for the fans. God, how nice.

courteney cox gale weathers signed autograph scream 4 friends cougartown hot sexy rare barricade scream 4 world premiere

7:41 p.m. – Courteney’s people are not letting her sign a lot though; they are really trying to get her to the carpet.

courteney cox gale weathers signed autograph scream 4 world premiere hot sexy cougar town friends legs

7:43 p.m. – Courteney Cox is coming closer and closer… But ugh! She gets pulled two people away from me! Dammit! Ah well… Again, it’s not like I don’t have Courteney Cox on my Scream 4 mini poster already… ah well…

7:55 p.m. – The carpet is over now… We got really lucky. I mean a lot of the cast crossed. And my poster looks kick ass!

8:09 p.m. – Anushika, CB and I are hanging out trying to figure out our next step.

8:49 p.m. – So, we’ve decided to hang out, and see what happens. I really don’t want to mess with the after party. It’s going to be a mess, and I heard it’s a pretty hard venue.

10:11 p.m. – Well, we found a place on the barricade and are waiting… the movie is about to break.

10:31 p.m. – I thought the movie was going to break! Lol… Oh, finally.

10:34 p.m. – Anushika spots Wayne Brady and gets a photo with him.

10:38 p.m. – Nico Tortorella is walking past and we ask him to sign. He’s super cool and is like sure! He signs for a bunch of people where we are.

Nico Tortorella trevor sheldon twelve hot sexy signed autograph scream 4 world premiere signed autograph hot damn fine the beautiful life

10:43 p.m. – We see Shenae Grimes and call out for her. She is about to get into her car, but then says, I’m going over. She comes over and signs my poster first and then puts the pen on the poster.

Shenae Grimes 90210 trudie signed autograph hot sexy scream 4 world premiere rare hot poster

I mean she could have handed it back. Sigh… That’s fine though. She signs about six or seven and then takes off. Hey, I’m glad she did it!

Shenae Grimes trudie 90201 signing autographs for fans scream 4 world premiere rare hot sexy promo

10:48 p.m. – Oh, there’s Anna Paquin. We all yell for her but she gets into her car.

10:49 p.m. – Wait… Anna Paquin gets out of her car and comes over to sign for us. She signed my Scream 4 poster and then goes down the line.

anna paquin rachel signed autograph scream 4 world premiere true blood sookie stackhouse rare rolling stone magazine

I ask her to sign my promo individual True Blood poster in red and she’s like “Sure!” She signs a few more and then comes back to me. She signs it “To Mike” and I thanked her for coming over.

anna paquin hand signed true blood individual promo poster scream 4 premiere rare autograph

She was like “No problem!” I mean seriously so nice. She does the full barricade. I mean damn, that was awesome! Just a great ending to this night.

A long… Long day, as you can tell… But a fun day. I mean seriously, this was so nice. And my Scream 4 poster looks amazing! So excited!!!!!

scream 4 hand signed autograph scream 4 promo mini poster courteney cox david arquette neve campbell hot sexy anna paquin rare alison brie emma roberts lucy hale

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