Fanboys In Love! The matters to consider when joining a dating website!

What is your biggest dream? To be as rich as Bill Gates, as brilliant as Stephen Hawking, or maybe as good-looking as George Clooney? However, having all the above mentioned qualities is not enough for true happiness. Like the Beatles once sang: all you need is love! And it remains actual even after all the years the song exists.

Earlier, singles had to search for their love in the urban jungle. Going out every evening, they were hoping to meet their dream partner somewhere. Today the rules of the game have changed. Having a smartphone or laptop is more than enough to find your special one. Dating apps and matchmaking platforms are absolute leaders when it comes to love search nowadays.

We bet you have already heard about Ua Dates – a dating website for marriage since it’s pretty popular among singles worldwide. We appealed to their experience to highlight the core factors of a successful online dating experience for any newcomer.

1. Profile picture

▶ No

Don’t take photos in front of the bathroom mirror! It’s an absolute no-go for women, no matter how muscular your body is. The same goes for pictures taken while drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes – it’s not sexy. Don’t post selfies where you initially were not alone, simply cutting out the other person’s face from them.

▶ Yes

Ask your friend or relative to help you with taking profile pictures. You need at least two of them: a portrait and a full-body photo. It’s great if you could upload those taken during exciting activities, such as diving or parachute jump. Women like men who look thoughtful and determined in their portrait pictures.

2. Profile information

▶ No

You need to avoid common quotes and sayings like Carpe Diem – it is too dull. Also, statements like, “I’m new here, write me a message” – are no good either. Try not to sound pessimistic, posting, “I don’t believe in love – convince me otherwise.”

▶ Yes

Anything funny, sophisticated, clever, poetic, and lovable is welcome. The point is to arouse the female members’ curiosity to open your profile and find out more.

Many dating websites have a so-called ‘profile motto’ field. You can change yours from time to time – so other users would see it in their updates feed.

3.Communicating begin

▶ No

You need to be careful with what you write to a woman you like. Choose the words thoughtfully since it gives the first impression you won’t be able to change.

Even if the website was created for casual dating, don’t blurt the subject of sex straight out. Women hate such an attitude.

▶ Yes

The first message you send to a lady should be short and captivating. The winning strategy is to use your sense of humor. Make a jokes ping pong game from your first chat to make your partner interested in further conversations.

4. First date

▶ No

Never invite your online girlfriend straight to your apartment. Better choose some public place instead. It might be a café, pub, or restaurant. It is, however, essential not to offer to go dutch – rather pay the bill for both of you. Don’t drink too much if you don’t want it to be the first and the last date with this girl.

▶ Yes

It is critical to be on time! No matter how far from the place you two meet you live and how horrible traffic in the area is – just do it.

Dates arranged via mobile flirting apps or dating websites might have different purposes. From a one-night stand to a serious relationship – it’s all possible. Clarify your woman’s intentions before asking her out.

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