The Movie Maven Brings You This Weeks Top Netflix and Redbox DVD Releases! With Free Redbox Rental Codes!

Guys we need a huge MTF welcome for our newest columnist The Movie Maven! Come on now, show her some love and support! The Movie Maven is going to be doing a weekly recap of all the movies coming to DVD, Netflix and Redbox so if you are every stuck for something to watch during the week, just check in with the Maven!

And of course The Maven has her own sarcastic bent to the titles she is letting you guys know about! So show her some luvin’ guys!

Plus, not that you guys know this, but our Movie Maven is quite a hottie! 😉

This Week Movie Maven is letting you guys know about shirtless Taylor Lautner love in Abduction! Sweaty Hugh Jackman in Real Steel and show Ryan Gosling some love!
Check out her rundown after the jump!

Looking for a good movie to watch this weekend? There are some good releases this week to DVD and at Redbox. Not only can you find Real Steel on DVD you can also get a real steal on Redbox movies with these FREE DVD codes!

Out this week on DVD & Redbox

real steel promo one sheet poster advance teaser mini poster hot sexy hugh jackman sweaty rare

Real Steal – Hugh Jackman getting all sweaty boxing? Yes please!

fifty_fifty 50/50 rare promo one sheet mini poster seth rogan promo hot sexy joseph gordon levitt

50/50 – Just saw this and it was great and I happen to love Seth Rogen, he is my favorite awkward and nerdy man crush

drive promo poster one sheet hot and sexy ryan gosling in sweaty white t-shirt sweaty promo

Drive- Has anyone ever been disappointed by a movie that has Ryan Gosling in it? I am pretty sure that’s simply impossible

Redbox New Releases

paranormal_activity_three paranormal activity 3 rare promo one sheet movie poster

Paranormal Activity 3 – In case watching the first two movies wasn’t enough…

final_destination_five_ver2 final destination 5 rare promo one sheet movie poster hot sexy frat boys being killed

Final Destination 5- Really FIVE Final Destinations?

ides_of_march rare promo one sheet movie poster ryan gosling george clooney hot and sexy promo poster one sheet rare drama

Ides of March – Ryan Gosling AND George Clooney…. I don’t think you need any more information

abduction_ver3 rare one sheet movie poster promo taylor lautner shirtless and hot running sweaty rare promo muscles twilight

Abduction- Any Taylor Lautner fan will love this movie because naturally when you are escaping from assassins one must be shirtless

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