The Movie Maven Drools Over Kate Beckinsale in Black Leather! Hates On Channing Tatum! Says Watching Katherine Heigl is Like Looking At Road Kill! and Wants To Lose All Found Footage Movies in This Weeks Netflix and DVD Roundup!

Just in time for the Memorial Day holiday comes The Movie Maven’s recap. Whoo to the Hoo… and even though the holiday is almost over the Maven has been busy dishing on the new films out on DVD and Netfilx!

Among the new releases are two of my Favorites One for the Money and Albert Nobbs…. Oh wait… I meant The Vow and Underworld: Awakening! Yeah baby! Kate Beckinsale in black leather spandex! Ah… Now, that my friends is a holiday!

Without further adieu I bring you the Movie Maven’s recap!


The Vow:

the vow rare one sheet movie poster promo sexy channing tatum with rachel mcadams rare promo one sheet movie poster

This ‘true life’ story is pretty much the closest thing to a
real life Nicholas Sparks novel. And who better to take on the role
of Paige, the damsel in distress than Rachel Adams. I typically find
Channing Tatum what I would refer to as a ‘statue actor’, he is paid
to look pretty and really can’t do much besides that, however in this
film he was able to pull out some emotions! This film is more on the
cheesy side and I think that they could have actually done more with
the plot. But with that said it’s the perfect girls night movie, curl
up with a blanket and a glass of wine and you won’t be disappointed.


chronicle rare one sheet movie poster found footage promo movie sci fi aliens rare hot

Ughh… when are “found footage” movies going to die out, I
am getting nauseous! This movie starts with the main character filming
the events of a party when he is asked to come over and film a strange
hole in the ground that seems to be emitting a bizarre noise. Now, all
the good children know that you should not approach strange glowing
objects at the bottom of a hole but I guess these three ignored that
advice because they enter anyway. The plot and story line were actually
not bad I think that this movie could have been a really great teenage
super hero type film if they left out the “found footage” and
concentrated more on the special effects and character development.

One for the Money:

one_for_the_money rare promo one sheet movie poster katherine heigl cop movie hot sexy model

Jennifer Anniston and Gerald Butler have great
chemistry in The Bounty Hunter…. Oh wait wrong movie…

(Editor’s Note: Ummmm I’m sorry… Great chemistry? The Bounty Hunter… I’m getting faint… Is CB writing for us again? M-)

This is the type of movie you rent knowing it’s probably going to be bad but at
least you will get a little laugh out of it because hey it’s a comedy,
but then you end up sitting in silence for 2 hours waiting for the
funny part. This movie is kind of like road kill, you feel really bad
for it but you still don’t want to look at it.

The Devil Inside:

the devil inside rare promo pne sheet movie poster promo hot sexy reality found footage movie

Oh look here another “found footage” movie, how
about if you ‘find’ any films or tapes you just leave them be from now
on. Not only do I believe that these actors were probably pulled of
the streets but I think that whoever came up with the ending of this
movie should be forced to watch it over and over again as punishment
for creating it.

Underworld Awakening:

underworld_awakening_ver2 one sheet movie poster kate beckinsale promo hot sexy black leather cat suit hottie rare

Some genius person thought that we needed to see
Kate Beckinsale in more skin tight leather outfits and for that we say
“thank you”.

(Editor’s Note: Amen sister! M-)

Although it doesn’t really hold up to the first two movies
it still provides plenty of action and entertainment

The Grey:

grey liam neeson one sheet movie poster promo rare hot wolf promo

Maybe it is just me but I didn’t hear a lot of hype for this
movie and I am really surprised because it was way better than I was
expecting. I thought that this movie was intense and surprisingly an
emotional film. Liam Neeson shows he has both the skills of a great
action hero as well as great depth that he provides for his character.
This movie is my top pick this week and I think that it will be sure
to please.

Albert Nobbs:

albert_nobbs rare promo teaser one sheet movie poster promo glenn close hat corsett

Glenn Close and Janet McTeer definitely deserved their
Academy Award nominations; they are remarkably able to bring life to
their characters. The plot however falls short of the acting. Is it
possible for a film to ‘try to hard’ to win an award because that
seems to be the feeling I am getting from this movie.

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