The Movie Maven Is Ready To Cut Footloose! Hates The Shirtless Naked Men In Immortals! and Says Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill Isn’t Half Bad… I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little…

Oh, the Movie Maven strikes again! This week our resident Maven talks about new releases from Redbox, Netflix and Amazon including Jack and Jill… Sigh… Footloose, the naked male sword and sandals epic Immortals and more!

Jack and Jill really? Couldn’t they have just burned the negatives and forget this movie existed?

Check out the Maven’s report after the jump!

It’s March already! Let the Movie Maddness begin! This week we have a group of new movie releases for you on DVD and at Redbox.

footloose_ver3 rare one sheet movie poster promo kenny wormland hot sexy dance flick kevin bacon

Footloose: This movie starring Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Julianne Hough shows how a movie remake can stand up to a new audience. I think that this film does a good job of sticking to the plot of the original movie while keeping up to date and entertaining. All in all a good movie remake and a decent ‘feel-good’ movie

immortals rare one sheet movie poster henry cavill new superman hot sexy shirtless rare promo naked hot rare

Immortals: I have personally not seen this movie however I have heard from many of guys who have gone to see it expecting something along the lines of the movie 300, and that Immortals was a sad disappointment. Apparently action and CGI cannot make up for a bad plot and an overall bad movie, save your time and just watch 300 again.

jack_and_jill rare promo one sheet movie poster adam sandler twn sister horrible comedy nightmare

Jack & Jill: If you can stand Adam Sandler doing an effeminate voice for more than 5 minutes this movie is for you! Reminiscent of his movie Grown-Ups, it is a family movie but still holds onto Adam Sandler’s slap-stick sense of humor. I would have never imagined Katie Holmes in an Adam Sandler movie but I guess when you are married to a nut job like Tom Cruise you will do about anything just to get out of the house, but in all honesty the movie isn’t half bad.

Also New to Amazon:

game of thrones rare season 1 blu ray cover art season 1 hot sexy sean bean promo press still

Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season

Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Blu-Ray rare cover art hot promo terry gilliam

Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Blu-Ray

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