The Movie Maven Reviews Disneynature’s Chimpanzee and Falls in Love With Oscar the Lost Chimp!

Mike The Fanboy was treated to a rare screening of the new Disney Nature film Chimpanzee and The Movie Maven was hot on the scene! The Maven fell in love with the story of Oscar a Chimp separated from his family during a fight between two rival chimp tribes… Is tribes right? Hmmm

Anyway, check out the Maven’s review after the jump and be prepared to be bowled over by adorableness!


Disney Nature’s Chimpanzee
By Christine Wilson

Get ready for the cuteness overload that is Disney’s new movie
 Chimpanzee. This new Disney movie is a real life story of a little
Chimpanzee named Oscar.  This adorable film follows young Oscar as he explores the world around him and has some 
misadventures along the way.  Tim Allen narrates Oscar’s journey and 
adds some comical insight into Oscars trials and tribulations. Oscar’s
 story was not an easy one to tell for the film makers.  

This film took 
4 years to make in a remote location along the Ivory Coast of Africa. 
Because the Chimpanzees are found so deep in the rainforest a bungalow 
was built for the crew members that was a ten hour 
drive to the nearest airport! To make filming even more difficult, a 
civil war broke out in the area in which the crew was staying and they 
were forced to take a year long hiatus from filming.  Even with all 
the struggles of making this film, it is so artfully put together and 
contains some unbelievable camera work following these quick

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Oscar’s Journey starts out with his mom and his community of
chimpanzee’s led by Alfa male Fred.  Young Oscar is a busy little 
chimp exploring the rainforest and learning from his mom and other 
community members how to navigate through the dense rainforest. Oscar
 and his family enjoy a nice piece of land that provides them with 
ample nuts and bugs. However, another group of chimps wants to over take 
their prosperous land.  The rival group raids Oscar’s family’s land
 causing chaos and resulting in the chimps fleeing into the rainforest. 
Oscar finds himself alone and scared in the rainforest separated from
 his mom and his family.  Oscar tries to remember what he learned from
 his mom but struggles to survive until he finds refuge from an
unlikely ally. 

This movie is not only adorable but it is also an inspiring story for
any age.  The filming of this movie is unbelievable and is a great
movie to see on the big screen.

disneynature's newest film chimpanzee promo one sheet movie poster promo oscar the chimp rare promo hot walt disney nature

You will feel like you are right in
the center of this chimpanzee family. You would never be able to tell
how difficult this was to film because the storyline is seamless and
 the images are brilliant.  Tim Allen does a great job narrating the
 film making it both entertaining and informative.  Oscar’s real life 
story makes and fantastic tale and I can say wholeheartedly that it 
is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

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