The Movie Maven Says She Would Watch Matt Damon Looking For His Keys! Hates Horses! Loves Elmo! and Doesn’t Want To Get Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close in this Weeks Movie Round Up!

The Movie Maven is back for another adventure into all the sure to be classics just released on DVD. The Maven is an interesting sort of young lady, she loves Jonah Hill, who I detest, she apparently hates horses, but still watched We Bought A Zoo!

The Maven even stated that she would watch Matt Damon for two hours trying to find his car keys… Hmmm We Bought a Zoo but Lost the Keys? I dunno if that’s going to work Maven, I just don’t! LOL…

Check out the Maven’s recaps of the new films out on DVD below!


Being Elmo:  Ok, I know that this is a documentary and I usually don’t
 put these in my reviews but after seeing this movie I had to change it
 up a bit.  I watched this movie recently on Netflix and honestly it 
was AMAZING! What a great story of triumph over adversity.  If you 
loved the Muppet Movie you will find this documentary fascinating 
because it gives you insight into Jim Henson’s genius as well as the
 talent of the puppeteers.  Check this documentary out and I promise you
 will not be disappointed.

being_elmo_a_puppeteers_journey rare promo one sheet movie poster promo kevin clash klash rare sesame street

War Horse: I know that this is a Steven Spielberg film but I am just
 not interested in a story about a horse. I am sure that it is artfully
 made because of Steven Spielberg but call me crazy if I think that
it’s a little bizarre to have a heart wrenching story about a horse
 when there are thousands of soldiers dying at war around him…

war_horse steven spielberg rare promo one sheet movie poster promo horse story rare hot

We Bought a Zoo: I would watch a 2 hour long movie of Matt Damon 
trying to find his car keys and I am sure all the guys out there would 
say the same thing about Scarlett Johanson and in this film you get 
the best of both worlds because they are both stars in this cute 
movie. We Bought a Zoo has its predictable funny mishaps and heartfelt 
moments but all in all it is still manages to be a decent movie.

we_bought_a_zoo rare one sheet movie poster promo matt damon scarlett johansson  hot elle fanning cameron crowe rare

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Naturally any story or movie
about 9/11 is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings but I found 
that this movie takes ones natural emotion surrounding 9/11 and tries
 to wrap a poorly written story around it and try to cover up the bad 
storyline by adding A-list celebrities like Tom Hanks and Sandra
 Bullock. And you would think for a movie surrounding a boy who just 
lost his father that the actor portraying Oskar would be lovable, 
however I just found him annoying and emotionless


extremely_loud_and_incredibly_close rare one sheet movie poster tom hanks sandra bullock promo

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Please forgive me but I did not watch this 
movie because I refuse to watch a movie with such a ridiculous title.

tinker_tailor_soldier_spy one sheet movie poster gary oldman promo academy award nominee

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