Billy Wants His “Mummy” After Meeting Tom Cruise And Seeing The Giant Mummy Statue! With Sofia Boutella! Jake Johnson! And… Richard Grieco?

It must be Saturday, because I can hear Billy whining about his drive… “I live in Oceanside now, and I have work and I have to drive. So, I have to pay people to hunt down Lucy Hale at the airport….” I was supposed to be at this event in the blistering sun, but I’m redoing my office and alas that didn’t happen. I forgot, so sue me. 
Billy made it down, even with the lack of a female star in the new thriller The Mummy. 
Check out his recap below!
(NOTE:  This event was at 12:00 PM which is way too early for Mike to get up and go too)
Editor’s Note: I’m redoing my office and I just forgot. Lord Talk about Billy being dramatic!
Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar Stool.  It must be getting closer to Comic Con, cause I’m writing more articles so Mike the Fanboy can hook me up with all his exclusive stuff he gets for being Mike the Fanboy.   Like a close hotel room…..What? No?  Well I’m sure he’s invited to a number of parties… Really?  Not this year?  Does he get anything other than a free ticket….What?  The ticket isn’t even free.  Why am I writing this article then??  Ugh!  Well since I started, might as well finish.
Editor’s Note: Billy… I do get exclusives and parties and a free ticket, I just don’t share them with YOU! 🙂

Today we are off to see the Legend Tom Cruise, along with the rest of the cast of The Mummy, unveil a huge 75 ft. mummy statue on Hollywood Blvd.  Now, I’ve gotten Tom before.  He’s one of the nicest celebrities when it comes to public appearances.  But for some reason, whenever I go for him, I get him on whatever he’s promoting. So my Tom Cruise Collection is Rock of Ages and Oblivion (not my proudest moments!).  So I finally came prepared with a Top Gun photo that has been escaping my collection for too long.  I’ve got stuff for the rest of the cast too, so away we go.

Since their only letting the first 500 into the fan pit, I get there early enough to get a good spot.  I’m about 20th in line.  After waiting a while, we have a surprise visitor walk past us, Richard Grieco.  We call him over and he takes a picture with us.  Then he proceeded to walk back and forth down the line taking pictures with everyone that watched TV in the 80’s and thought he was relevant. 

richard grieco meeting fans

My father Andy got there just in time to get in line with me.  He had to stop and try and get some fried chicken before the event.  When we finally get in, we get a nice spot in the front row in the shade.   One by one they bring the cast out. 

They talk about the movie a bit and then show some clips to the fans watching at home.  Finally they unveil the big statue. 

Tom Cruise The Mummy hollywood and highland event meeting fans 5

It was fun, but then the guy said something I wish they would say all the time.  “Now the cast is going to walk around and sign some autographs for the fans”.  I like that!

Tom and Sofia came to our end first.  Tom went all the way to the end, and Sofia right in front of me.   I got both of my pictures signed and also a selfie. 

Sofia Boutella meeting fans signing autographs Sofia Boutella signed autograph the mummy photo Sofia Boutella signed autograph the mummy photo

Now I just wait for Tom who’s just a few people away.  It looks like he’s trying to do one each.  I’m sure people are sneaking in a second here and there, but I would be happy with just the one.  When he gets in front of me, he signs my photo as I thank him. 

Tom Cruise signed tom gun photo rare psa

I then ask for a photo which surprisingly nobody had asked for yet.  Not sure if people know this, but at events like these, he actually has assistants that help take pictures with the fans.  We get a nice picture, then he was on his way down the line.  Now I could have chased and probably would have gotten one more, but I didn’t feel like smooshing up against people that had been sitting in the hot sun for hours. 

Tom Cruise meeting fans signing autographs

After waiting a while Annabelle and Jake make their way to our area.  I have a picture for both of them, then remember I still had the poster they handed out in the beginning.  I got both of them on that too along with selfies.  Finally Sofia comes back over to get the people she missed when Tom was signing.  I’m able to add her to the poster too along with the Director.  Tom doesn’t come back.  He knows he did everyone. 

All-in-all, it was a great day and a great event.  The whole cast was super nice and very accommodating.    I wish they were all this good.  Until next time people!

the mummy cast signed autograph posterthe mummy cast signed autograph poster

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