Wait… A Naked Gun Reboot? Who Is Going To Take Over The Role Of Frank Drebin?

A Naked Gun Reboot? It sure looks like it. My gosh, I guess everything can be redone now a days. It looks like the Leslie Nielsen series turned movie trilogy is getting redone and who you may ask is taking over the role of Frank Drebin?

Leslie Nielsen Signed Autograph Movie Poster Frank Drebin Program Rare

None other Than The Office and Hangover star Ed Helms. Yep, Ed Helms was also supposed to take the lead in the Vacation reboot but those plans have been put on hold for now it looks like.

the hangover 2 individual character poster rare hot sexy damn fine Stu Price ed helms rare tatoo face promo

Thomas Lennon and R. Ben Garant who wrote Night at the Museum are penning this one. They also wrote the new Baywatch movie…

As far as I know none of the original creators are involved but who knows at this early stage.
Please, just stop with the reboots!

Leslie Nielsen Frank Drebin Naked Gun signed Autograph poster Rare RIP

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