The Novel Strumpet! All You Need To Know About Book Fans And Fandom!

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We need an official Mike The Fanboy welcome for The Novel Strumpet! I know that our resident Strumpet has done a couple articles for us, but this is the “official” first start for our lovely little strumpet!

What is a Strumpet you may ask?

Strumpet – old-fashioned: a person, typically a woman who is paid to make others happy, i.e. a whore…

And let me tell you, we are all whores, I am a television and movie whore! CB is an autograph whore, and so on and so on! I’m a proud whore! And now joining our ranks is a book whore… Or… A Novel Whore… I.E. The Novel Strumpet!

So excited! Because let me tell you when it comes to books I’m not that knowledgeable… I know what you’re thinking.. What? Mike you don’t know something? You’re not perfect. I’m sorry to crush all your hopes and dreams but no… I’m… well, I’m almost perfect but not 100% and that’s what I’m talking about here!

When it comes to books, I’m like… Wha… Our Novel Strumpet, however is our resident Book Expert and what an expert she is! And sexy to boot!

Check out the Strumpet’s first article below! And give her a Mike The Fanboy Official Welcome!


Book Fandom needs love too…

So Mike told me he was starting a site about fandom and all its many…interesting…rituals. I read about his group’s adventures in autograph hunting, I’ve been at conventions to witness they’re jungle like exploration techniques (you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this group cut through the thickets of bodies keeping them from their goal) to get to that next signing panel or swag giveaway. He explained some of the people they wanted to explore, fan groups they wanted to meet and I asked “What about book fans?”

Cue crickets.

“There’s a fandom for that?”

Hello! I see how it is now. All those nights after a long day of Con-ing where we are sharing our spoils of war and you’re showing me all the movie/tv posters you got signed or telling me about the celebrity you got a photo with…I acted suitably excited for you. But evidently you weren’t listening to anything I told you about the author panels or free books I got, I wasn’t so hardcore about getting into the “Twilight” preview when the movie franchise was first starting (along with all those other TwiTards) because it looked like an interesting movie. It’s because we all loved the books.
Mike The Fanboys the novel strumpet after a long hard day at san diego comic con 2011 spider man mask novels books rare
I’ve driven 400 miles to see an author speak and get their autograph, where I stayed in a hotel room that had a swamp behind it with croaking frogs. All night. Croaking. All night. I’ve worked three Harry Potter release parties where everyone (including me) came dressed as characters to celebrate the new book –not movie- book (I tried to talk them into an Anita Blake release party but it seems that magical teen wizards were acceptable, while scarred, gun/sword toting women with anger management issues who sleep with vampires and werewolves aren’t…go figure). There were Twilight proms being held long before the movie came out. So I’m taking a stand and saying, we book geeks know how to get our ‘fandom’ on as well.
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Why do you think Christopher Lee learned to speak Elf? Where do you think True Blood got its start? There’s even a convention called RomCon that is strictly for romance authors and fans (one day…fingers crossed…one day). So I’m here to be a voice for us book geeks. A wee voice (no seriously I’m barely 5’1”) to say we’re here, we read, we geek.

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