The Road To Comic Con 2012! Mike The Fanboy’s Top Ten Tips For An Awesome San Diego Comic Con 2012! Etiquette! Social Norms! and More!

San Diego comic con etiquette and tips!

Guys, on the eve of the start of the con, I just thought I would jot down a few thoughts, etiquette and tips to make sure it’s a successful con.

Now, some might seem like common sense, however I think common sense escapes us when in a mass of 100,000 people and there’s a limited edition Iron Man poster in front of us. Trust me… I know…

So, here are some tips from the Mike The Fanboy Family!

1. For God Sakes Be Careful! I just saw on the news that a woman just got hit by a car… THIS YEAR! Waiting for the Twilight panel. It’s just sad. Guys, nothing and I do mean nothing is worth getting hit by a car for! Not even The Hobbit signing. This poor woman was running back from the store because she was afraid to lose her spot in line even though THERE’S NO OFFICIAL LINE yet! Come on guys! Kristen Stewart isn’t worth losing your life! It just makes me sad…

san diego comic con 2012 convention floor fox booth rare promo hot sexy rare signing autographs

2. Shower! Okay there are a lot of people in one space. Please make sure and at least hose down once a day. People are stinky, we can’t help it! So, for the sake of others and those around you slap some deodorant on your pits, wash your hair and observe social guidelines for cleanliness!

peanuts star pigpen looking all stinky and not showering rare dirty cartoon character

3. Pack Snacks! There might not be time to make the Game of Thrones panel and run to a panel on the new Doubleday Erotic Adult Novels. Having a new snacks around will help you greatly. Grab a granola bar, a bottle of water and all kinds of goodness.

rare snickers bar packaging awesome snack food craving hot candy bar

4. The Buddy System! Tackling the con is a tough tough job and it always helps to do it with a group. This way you know when an exclusive is being given out and you can run on over. Texting is essential to survival!

buddy_system rare batman adam west and robin burt ward promo photo 1960's batman rare

5. Try and Be Nice To Your Fellow Fanboys! I know, it’s hard. When someone decides to bring a stroller into the madness that is the main convention hall and wants a photo with a random dude in a crappy costume. In fact, it’s hard for me too… but a little respect goes a long long way. So, try and play nice guys! We don’t want any more people hurt at this this con, or stabbed with pens or light sabers or… Well, anything else!

Be-Nice-or-Leave by order of management sign signage store customers

6. Walk Don’t Run! This is hard because I want to tear through the convention floor like the rest of you, but there are small children, wookies, and others who just don’t move as fast as the rest of us. So, be careful and don’t squash anyone. Trust me it can happen!

7. Trolly’s Are The Real Superhero! I’ll tell you the trolly’s are a lifesaver! If you are staying anywhere along the route make sure and keep an eye out for them! This year they are 24 hours! They are safe, easy and efficient. Get a schedule and save your feet from sores and blisters!

mike the fanboy in front of the weeds promo bus trolly at san diego comic con 2012  our heroes have more fun

8. Take Your Photos But Don’t Block Traffic! One of my pet peeves is that people in costume stand in the middle of a crowded hallway and pose for photos. It blocks the main areas of traffic and causes people to bottleneck horribly. If you want to pose for photos, go outside of the convention floor, the outside hallways are great for that.

costumed hallmark characters walk around the convention floor at san diego comic con 2012

9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want! Look, I know we all have our top things to do at SDCC but a secondary plan will save you a lot of heartache. You can’t get into the True Blood panel, okay what’s your second choice. Look at the schedule and figure out what else you wouldn’t mind doing and don’t be sad you didn’t get in, chances are there are 20,000 other people who didn’t get in either!

quote-you can't always get what you want rolling stone song lyrics image

10. Check Out The ENTIRE Con! I know, I know Warner Bros looks a11 flashy and pretty, but there’s a whole other world out there! Artist Ally, the vendors, small panels. Guys, that stuff is fun too. You will probably find some really awesome Gremlins plush you’re wanted, or see some new up and coming artists. Venture out of your comfort zone!

the san diego comic con 2012 sails pavilion convention floor fan madness

If anyone has more tips, share them below! Have fun! And be safe kids!

Also, if you see anyone from the Mike The Fanboy Family make sure and say hey!

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