The Road To Comic Con 2012! Peter Jackson Releases Exclusive The Hobbit Promo Poster! Ian McKellen As Gandalf The Grey!

“My precious…..” Had to do it… Old joke, but damn it’s a good one right? Anyway, Peter Jackson just sent out the new SDCC promo poster for the Hobbit and even though Gandalf himself AKA Ian McKellen isn’t supposed to be there, he will be immortalized on paper at least!

The new promo poster that is a Comic Con exclusive looks awesome and features Galdalf the Grey looking all dignified while seemingly walking in the shire.

The Lovely Erica just sent this over my way and like her I’m gearing up for the annual trek.

I can’t believe it’s only five days till the con! I’m already tired… Is that sad? lol…

Check out the poster below!

comic-con-the-hobbit-poster rare san diego comic con 2012 exclusive the hobbit poster featuring ian mckellen as gandalf the grey walking in the shire

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