The Road To Comic Con 2012! Scotty Brings Us His Customized Comic Con Playlist For Your Drive! Awesome!

I am literally leaving my house in 10 mintues. I checked my email and actually said to myself… DAMMIT I didn’t burn a cd like I usually do for comic con and low and behold Scotty sent us in this playlist.

I literally don’t have much time so forgive the lack of photos, but check out Scotty’s customized Comic Con playlist! And guys be safe on the roads, we don’t want anyone to be Bantha Fodder… Well, unless you’re taking names to be Bantha Fodder then I can think of a few!

Check out the Playlist after the jump!


Comic Con Playlist!

Here is a play list of songs to purchase and burn to a CD for your drive down to San Diego. These songs will be fun to sing or groove to in your car. I picked songs that had videos with some sort of animated character in them, a comic/Sci-Fi feel, or songs that just have a good beat.

1) A-ha – Take On Me – This is one of the most popular 80’s songs and has one of the most memorable animated videos.

2) Madonna – Music – Check out this great Madonna track and the animated portion in the middle. Hey Mr. DJ!

3) Azealia Banks – 212 Ft. Lazy Jay – I am not your average Rap music fan, but Azaelia has given her own amazing spin on Rap with a dash of dance for an AMAZING track!

4) Garbage – Special – One Garbage’s most loved tracks. This song has one of my favorite music videos from the group. It is also a video of which I am waiting for a sequel.

5) Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. – One of my favorite tracks from this group. The animation in this video is cool!

6) The Killers – Bones – This song is from one of my all time favorite groups and is a great rock track. Tim Burton directed the video for this song!

7) Nine Inch Nails – Closer – This is one of those songs that evokes emotion and movement from people whether they are rocking out or dancing in a club.

8) Men Without Hats – Safety Dance – One of my favorite 80’s tracks. I love the song and the video. The video has a cool fantasy/ Renaissance feel.

9) Marina and the Diamonds – Shampain – I am so happy that Marina is finally catching on in the US. This is my favorite track from her debut album “The Family Jewels.” I love the video homage to Michael Jackson (Thriller)/Pat Benetar (Love Is a Battlefield).

10) Goldfrapp – Alive – My last track is by one of my favorite electronic bands, Goldfrapp. I love Alison Goldfrapp’s voice and Will Gregory’s synth-pop beats. The video is full of hot vampire, 80’s jazzercise action.

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