The Simpsons The Sixteenth Season Blu-Ray Review! Homer! Bart! Marge! Lisa! And Maggie Head Home On High Definition!

The Simpsons has become a cultural sensation. Who would ever have thought, when The Tracey Ullman Show debuted on FOX that the thing people would remember would be a yellow family of dysfunctional misfits. And yet, here we are with The Simpsons releasing the 16th season on blu-ray, and this season… It’s not even last seasons, this season aired in 2004! Say Wha? Yep, The Simpsons has been around forever!

If you haven’t checked in in on the series in the almost three decades it’s been on the air, The Simpsons revolves around Homer who works at a nuclear power plant, his blue haired wife Marge, His upstart son Bart, musical thespian daughter Lisa, and baby Maggie.

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The episode highlights of the 16th Season are:

Treehouse of Horror XV: A Simpsons tradition, the three segments this season riff on Fantastic Voyage, The Dead Zone, and Jack The Ripper.

Sleeping With The Enemy: Lisa deals with anorexia and the Simpsons tackles it with it’s clever humor.


Midnight RX: Mr. Burns (Homer’s Boss) slashes his employees health care plans which of course leads to black market drug smuggling.

On a Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister: Lisa files a restraining order against Bart who has to move into the backyard, while Homer goes to work for a big box retailer as a greeter.

Goo Goo Gai Pan: Marge’s sister Selma, adopts an Asian baby and has to put a husband on the application form. Selma enters Homer’s name and suddenly Homer’s worst nightmare is real.

A Star is Torn: Lisa enters a singing competition and Homer signs up as her coach. When he becomes a stage father Lisa fires him and he goes to work for her competition.

The-Simpsons 16th season

While this season of The Simpsons wasn’t shot on HD, the transfer to Blu-ray is still very well done and the SD doesn’t detract from the viewing experience. The colors are rich and I said this before but animated series and films are the perfect thing to watch when experiencing Blu-ray.

Special features included on this set include audio commentary on every episode. The ones I sampled were hysterical and I’m going to have to check them all out.

the-simpsons---big The-Simpsons 16th season

There are also tons of other featurettes and this season is packed with everything you could want including: Deleted scenes, Sketch Galleries, Bart to the Future bonus episode from Season 11, Live It’s The Simpsons which is an audio supplement of a table read, and Animation Showcase Future-Drama which has storyboards you can pseudo control.

the-simpsons---big The-Simpsons 16th season

Overall, The Simpsons is a cultural icon of a series and the fact that it’s lasted so long is a testament to it’s creative genius. When you talk about a series that’s lasted so long, it’s bound to have hit and miss episodes, however the 16th season has way more hits.

The Simpsons The 16th Season is out now on Blu-ray!

The Simpsons 16th season blu-ray review

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