The Worst Movie Poster Of The Year? YEP! The Sound Of Music Live Looks Horrendous! Doh!

I try and be a positive person, I really do, but when something that looks so stupid comes along, I have to laugh…


Look at this piece of crap!

It’s the new promo poster for The Sound of Music live… (shotgun to the head) Starring Carrie Underwood.

Now, wow… It just looks horrible. Like horrible… Carrie Underwood in lederhosen and pirate sleeves… OMG…

The sound of music live poster NBC CArrie Underwood rare

It is NBC though… Soooooo…

It’s like that horrible John Travolta Olivia Newton John music video where they see each other in the distance and run because it’s christmas. You know the one… Where John Travolta’s hair is sprayed on?

This is going to be an epic disaster, just judging by this poster alone. Seriously… I’m picturing Snow White dancing with Rob Lowe bad…

See the poster in all it’s glory below!

The sound of music live poster NBC CArrie Underwood rare

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