The Strain Season 2 Episode 11 Review And Recap! Dead End!

The Strain: S02E11 “Dead End”

We were left hanging last week with a chilling scene between Dutch and Eichorst. After being on the edge for a week, we are taken back to the disturbing white room only to see Dutch still chained up and mortified beyond belief. Eichorst drags in the police officer who clearly had no idea about driving into his own death sentence. While Dutch watches, Eichorst sucks him dry right after pumping him with schnapps. I guess he likes his cocktails swallowed, not shaken. “Every once in a while I enjoy a human cocktail. It relaxes me.” Yikes! He is really enjoying this. After being a Strigoi for decades, it’s not a surprise to see him spicing things up.

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It comes to a point where you just want it to be over. The torture not only makes you uncomfortable, but the unexplainable creepiness makes it incredibly hard to watch. Eichorst keeps Dutch alive since she is more than a meal. She brings back dark memories from Eichorst’s past. Dutch depicts the heartache and rejection he endured as a human being. She gets hit hard by his misdirected anger. Inflicting pain and terror on Dutch was his means of taking revenge. We all know Dutch won’t go down quietly. She steals the pepper spray from the dead officer’s body as soon as Eichorst takes his exit.

THE STRAIN -- "Dead End" -- Episode 211 (Airs September 20, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders. CR: Michael Gibson/FX

Meanwhile, Fet, Nora, and Eph drives up to the Mayfield Hotel just to find out that it’s the National Guard headquarters. Confused by the location, they all go around checking the perimeter. Just when Fet was about to give up on the location, they come across an abandoned Cop car. Nora finds Dutch’s beanie in the backseat. She is in the building, but where? The old hotel has been renovated, but Fet’s keen eyes spot the anomaly. Certain part of the hotel has been blocked off without an entrance. Of course that won’t stop Fet from entering the building. The hollow side had “Vampire Den” written all over it. They go down to the subway tunnels in search of a hidden entrance.

Eichorst is such a broken toy. He reveals himself to her and we get a good glimpse of his unfortunate past. What pushed him to be the dreadful creature we have before us today. It might seem silly, but it all boils down to a failed crush; a damaged heart. Dutch sees right through him. “So you joined the Nazi party cause you couldn’t get laid?” You have to love her; she keeps her head high all the way up to the bitter end.

We flashback to Eichorst’s past when he used to be a man with a kind heart. He was a radio salesman, who knew? Bullied by the men around him, his confident was nonexistent. Surprisingly he still managed to get the girl, but was a miserable failure at keeping her. He sabotaged his own happiness by going after power and respect, which ultimately resulted in the death of his love, Helga. He might have pretended to be a cold hearted bastard at first, but he completely lost himself in his own charade.

THE STRAIN -- "Dead End" -- Episode 211 (Airs September 20, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders. CR: Michael Gibson/FX

Suffering from the “Tiny Penis Syndrome”, Eichorst joined the suits to gain the respect and power. Compensating much? He wanted to dress up his manhood to fit in with the big boys. Drunken with the power, he started seeking for more. Eichorst went as far as to “trading up” whatever was left of his womb raider. He gave up his wand down below to get a Slytherin up his throat. Jeez! Not sure where I was going with that, but I’m going to stop while I can. He lost his humanity and his identity. Since he failed at love, he went after power and immortality. Evil is not born.

Eichorst’s bitterness still lingers as he takes his buried frustration out on Dutch. It’s mind numbingly painful. Being the inventive man that he is, Eichorst marinates her in pineapple. He is really seasoning her up and savoring the moment. When you think it can’t get any uglier, he crosses that line down a dark creepy alley. His experimentation lands Dutch with red lips and pant-less. Now Eichorst is just playing with his food; such a psychopath. His experiment backfires when Dutch goes to town with the pepper spray. She frees herself and storms out only keep running into dead ends. Her escape seems impossible since there were no obvious ways out.

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Down the subway tunnels, Fet, Nora, and Eph finally come across an entrance. Fet’s knowledge about the city pays off yet again. They hear Dutch’s terrified shrieks though the walls. Fet stops at nothing, he literally breaks down walls to get to her. During a crisis, you want him on your team. Fet is “THE MAN”!

Eichorst has been taking hits during the past few weeks, but no messed up face will stop him from hunting down Dutch. The fight continues even after she gets cornered; “I hope you choke on me.” Dam straight! Eichorst drags Dutch back to his den, but a silver bomb rolls on to the hallway just in time to save her. Dutch runs straight to Fet’s open arms. Awww….Yay! She is absolutely broken. Will Dutch ever bounce back from this nightmare?

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Professor Setrakian finds himself tied up with the Lumen in sight. His reunion with Rudyard, the boy who he saved wasn’t so heartwarming. Freaked out by the familiar intruder, Rudyard leaves Setrakian behind to flee the city. Setrakian’s persuasions failed since Rudyard saw the Lumen as his “Silver Ticket” out of the city. He clearly doesn’t care about the book landing in the wrong hands, it’s just business. Setrakian eventually frees himself, but it’s too late. The Lumen is long gone. Rudyard visits Alonso to sell his prized procession and strikes a deal with him. Wonder who Alonso will sell it to? Will he keep it to himself?

THE STRAIN -- "Dead End" -- Episode 211 (Airs September 20, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch Velders. CR: Michael Gibson/FX

Last but not least, we can’t forget Gus and the Gupta family. The Gupta family is packed and ready to scram, but first let’s take a selfie. Yup! Aanya and her family cross the border to safety with Quinlan’s influence. Gus gets some well-deserved farewell action before their departure. Gus and Angel stay behind to join the fight against the apocalypse. I can’t wait to see him getting back into the action. Quinlan and Gus will be an awesome dynamic duo.

Only two more episodes to go guys. Hope you are ready for a Big Bang!

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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