The To Do List Movie Premiere Report! Billy Beer Sort Of Strikes Out Doh! Aubrey Plaza! Rachel Bilson! Andy Samberg! Scott Porter! Autographs! And More!

Billy had a whole lot of To-Do for the To Do List premiere. He loves.. and when I say loves, he loves him some Aubrey Plaza. He’s a little crazy with his Plaza love. LOL…

And you have to check out his To Do List sign! That’s awesome! He’s giving Scotty a fun for his money!

Check out Billy’s report from the To Do List below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. Today we got a To Do List of 
people to meet and autographs to get. Why? Cause we are off to The To 
Do List Premiere.

Now, there aren’t any HUGE names in this movie, but 
there are a number actors and actresses that I enjoy their work. The 
main one, and the lead of the movie, is Ms Aubrey Plaza. I don’t know 
what it is about her comedy, but she just cracks me up with her 
interviews and her sarcasm!

Aubrey Plaza fan photo signing autographs for fans rare

Rachel Bilson, Andy Sandberg, Bill Hader, 
Clarke Gregg, Alia Sahchek, and Donald Glover are some of the other 
people I’m hoping to meet and check off my to do list. There’s only 
one way to ensure these people will come over…..A SIGN!

Now I know Scotty is the sign king, but today I’m going above and 
beyond. I don’t mean brag, I don’t mean to boast, but this here sign’s 
like butter on toast!

To Do list movie premiere sign billy beer's hand made sign for the movie premiere

Even the publicists are pointing to it.


The first to arrive is a walker, Lauren ******. Even though people 
have stuff for her, she doesn’t come over. She heads straight for the 
carpet. She would then later, after she did the carpet, come over and 
sign for everyone even though someone was calling her the wrong name 
over and over again.

Finally we get our first cast member, Scott Porter. He has to see the 
sign, Right? Well, if he did, he didn’t care. He goes straight for the 
carpet too. Really? You’re the first to arrive, you can’t be in that 
much of a hurry.

Scott porter hot sexy on the red carpet to do list movie premiere

Sarah Steele is next to arrive. She too looks over but is rushed to 
the carpet. If we can’t get these guys, I’m hoping the cast rest of 
the cast makes up for it.

Bill Hader just pulled up. He’s the first one to finally 
cross……for like 2 seconds. He signs 5 MAYBE ten and then rushes 
off like he’s really late. I of course didn’t get one. I have an 
amazing Laser Cats picture I’m hoping to get done, but it doesn’t look 
too promising.

Next up is Andy Samberg. He comes right over to the screaming guy to 
my left. I think the guy is in labor or something. Andy’s publicist 
then proceeds to hand him a dead black sharpie, and take him in the 
other direction. OMG this is sucking!!!!!!

andy samberg hot sexy on the red carpet to do list movie premiere

Well, I still have a chance with the ladies. Aubrey is the first of 
the 2 too arrive. She comes right over. This is really her first lead 
in a movie. She’s all dolled up and being nice. I finally get my first 
autograph on my mini poster, but am unable to get anymore. I was too 
busy trying to get a picture with her.

Aubrey Plaza fan photo signing autographs for fans rare

Rachel has now finally arrived too.

rachel bilson hot sexy on the red carpet to do list movie premiere

She comes over, and the guy who 
was in labor must be having twins, cause he freaks out AGAIN, even 
though she was coming to my sign, she goes over there to hopefully 
shut him up! I had an individual picture of her that I got signed 
first with a crappy blue pen. Again, wanting the picture, it’s too 
late to get another item signed. Well, that went great :/

rachel bilson hot sexy on the red carpet to do list movie premiere

While some of the other people went to go get something to eat, I 
decide to see if I can get anyone on the way into the theater. 
Surprisingly, security was letting people stand close to the red 
carpet. I see Andy finishing up his interviews, and he comes over and 
takes pictures with the ladies there. I ask if he would sign my Laser 
Cat’s picture, and he looks at me kinda funny. But thankfully, he 
grabs the pen and signs it nicely.

I also get Jim O’Heir from Parks and Rec to start another cast piece 
for me.

Scott and Sarah go walking by, but they again I guess don’t have time 
to sign. Now they are rushing the main cast members in. Looks like 
this part is done.


So I decide to wait for exits hoping to get a few more people on my 
poster. As the movie breaks, it’s a little chaotic. The people who 
went into the movie are jamming up the exit area by just standing 
there. Usually security rushes them through, but not tonight. Andy is 
first to leave, and just flies out. Sarah is the next from the cast we 
see. She’s right by us, but still not signing. Finally she lets out a 
“Why not” and signs our posters. FINALLY! Clarke Gregg who arrived 
late and did sign a few on the way in then comes over and signs one 
each. I get him on an Avengers piece. Donald looks over, but doesn’t 
sign. Hader runs over and takes a picture with someone but doesn’t 
sign a thing. Scott follows and does one each. It’s really starting to 
jam up now. It’s not looking good for the main ladies. Because there 
were so many people, security makes a wall for Aubrey then Rachel and 
walks them to their cars. Oh well. I guess it’s a success when you get 
everyone but one. It just seemed like a lot of work for what would 
seem like a fairly easy cast to get. Oh Well, time to get my drink on, 
it’s Happy Hour somewhere!

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