The Top 10 Worst Autograph Signers And Least Fan Friendly Celebrities! Tom Hanks! Anthony Mackie! Emilia Clarke! And More!

Well, we had the best and now… You have to have the worst right?

The top 10 least fan friendly celebrities, they won’t life a finger let alone a sharpie for fans!

Again, we base the list by polling all our writers and contributors as well as by what I hear from reliable sources. We count events that are public and accessible to fans. I really don’t look at things like the airport or hotels or when someone is on their private time. Celebrities are people too.

Anyway, let’s get on with it right?

10. Tom Hanks – The man America refers to as “Mr. Nice Guy” just isn’t. He would prefer that he would never have to look at fans and at premiere’s has now resorted to taking a photo of the screaming crowd and smiling as opposed to signing anything. Wow… Thanks?


9. Anthony Mackie – Captain America’s Falcon is one of the rudest people you could encounter. Recently at a charity event Anthony was forced to sign by his publicist and did he sign? Nope. He only wrote his character, Falcon on any Marvel item. Okayyyyyyy… Here’s a tip if you don’t want to be famous, don’t be an actor!

Anthony Mackie dick

8. Reese Witherspoon – Ms. Legally Blonde has been okay in the past, but this year while promoting Wild was downright unapproachable. She wasn’t even going to sign at the Hot Pursuit premiere until she was showed up by her equally hard to get co-star. Come on Elle Woods! Everyone already knows who you are! And No one remembers that little drunken spat you had with the police officers… Doh!

reese witherspoon hot sexy black and white photo promo press still dance hot

7. Jessica Alba – While the healthy living guru and master thespian might be battling it out in court over ineffective suntan lotion, she’s also ineffective at winning over fans. Recently, the Sin City star actually wrote the wrong name on someone poster when she would lower herself to sign… Without asking the guys name at all. Come on Jessica, It’s not 2001, are you really getting THAT hounded?

Reese Witherspoon bitch

6. Jonah Hill – I thought the Superbad star and I were mending ways, but my disdain has grown over the news that Jonah Hill is now handing out cards with the saying, “I met Jonah Hill, it was a total letdown” instead of posing for a photo or signing an autograph. Ummm really? This from the man that brought the world “The Sitter.” No… We don’t forget. Print that on a card!

jonah hill asshole gif

5. Chris Evans – Captain America he’s not. Unless he’s being forced to meet fans, the all american star just scours and runs away. Now, he’s charging upwards of $300 to get a photo with him at conventions. While capitalism is quite American, it’s more than a bit unseemly isn’t it Cap?

chris evans captain america the avengers rare promo photo shoot chris evans captain america sexy hot joss whedon entertainement weekly magazine 2011

4. Michael Keaton – Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! The former 1980’s star is more than the sum of the Birdman isn’t he? Nope. One of the worst autograph signers and least fan friendly people of all time. In fact, he’ll skip anyone holding a Batman or Beetlejuice piece but will charge around $400 bucks to get his scribble of an autograph.

Deal of the Week Michael Keaton

3. Cate Blanchett – The Oscar winner is an amazing actress to be sure, but she is not winning awards with fans. Cinderella? Nah… Evil Stepmother? Must be typecasting. Not only will she not give fans the time of day, she will hide from them. Perhaps if she sees a sharpie she’ll melt like the wicked witch in Wizard of Oz? You think?

Cate Blanchett bitch

2. Emilia Clarke – Sigh… How can I put Daenerys Targaryen on this list you may ask? Simply put, ever since she graced the great white way and got butchered by critics she’s been taking out her venom on fans. Refusing to pose for photos, sign, or even look in anyone’s direction. Perhaps like Sarah Connor, she’ll be back to being nice. However, for now… She’s been terminated!

Emilia Clarke

1. Bruce Willis – Was there any doubt? I mean really. The man just looks like he would rather be getting a root canal than… Basically anything. I mean why get out of bed if you’re that sour about life? On Broadway he’s been hit and miss, and only signing playbills when he does sign. I know people have had some good experiences… Anyone I know has nothing good to say. When Kevin Smith says that you’re a dick… I tend to believe him.

bruce willis yelling nasty

Honorable Mentions: Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Jake Gyllenhaal, Charlize Theron, Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Liam Neeson, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Kristin Stewart, Sofia Vergara, Edie Falco, Brie Larson, Liv Tyler, Chad Coleman, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Don Henley, Catherine O’Hara, Kate Hudson.

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