The Top Ten Worst Autograph Signers And Least Fan Friendly Celebrities Of 2012! Natalie Portman! Molly Ringwald! Elizabeth Banks! And More! Doh!

Oh man… I know a lot of you were waiting for this one! We had the best and most fan friendly celebrities of 2012 and now… Well… We have the worst autograph signers and least fan friendly celebrities of 2012.

Now, there’s a big difference between not having the time to sign or greet fans and being downright nasty. It’s unfortunate in this day and age but you know… What can you do right?

Personally, if you are selling movies, a television series, magazines, etc… You have to be nice to the fans, we are the ones buying tickets, a book etc… So, come on guys, get it together!

Without further delay….
The Mike The Fanboy Top 10 Worst Autograph Signers and Least Fan Friendly Celebrities of 2012!

10. Molly RingwaldEven though Molly has been slightly better this year, it’s her contempt for her fans that gives her a spot on this list. She practically has to be forced to sign any memorabilia and still thinks it’s 1985 and everyone wants to get a photo with her even when there’s only 20 people in her book signing line.

nasty molly ringwald at her book signing in 2012 signing autographs for fans rare promo the facts of life star

9. Vince VaughnThe Swingers star is not a great guy when it comes to the fans. At premiere’s he barely signs and if he crosses to the fans, he only will stand there so you can gaze on him. Lighten up a bit Vince!

nasty vince vaughn worst autograph signers hot sexy movie poster promo the break up plan

8. Leslie BibbNow, there are people who don’t like to sign autographs and then there are the celebrities who blast their fans on Twitter! I know right? After a recent talk show taping Leslie ignored the five people waiting and then when asked about it on Twitter called her fans douches. I can’t make this up people!

nasty leslie bibb rude twitter rant about waiting fans rare promo leslie bibb nasty to fans gcb

7. Tom Hanks – No longer a Bosom Buddy of fans or autograph seekers. In fact, Tom has resorted to taping fans yelling for him from his Iphone at premieres. Perhaps Tom needs a few more years out of the spotlight and he’ll have a change of heart but as of now, he’s downright rude, even telling one fan who asked for a photo, “You should have asked two seconds ago, I would have done it then!” That’s what I said when my friends asked me if I wanted to see Larry Crowne in theaters.

tom hanks dissing fans at the cloud atlas movie premiere rude nasty celebrities

6. Jonah HillWow, what an Academy Award does to one’s ego. My nemesis Mr. Jonah Hill thinks he’s pretty damn awesome. Not only will he rarely if ever sign, he now will make sure the camera catches him signing a check mark on people’s memorabilia which in actuality ruins the pieces. Any doubt over his douchebaggery? He even was rude to a journalist from CNN Jonah didn’t recognize. Jonah got called out on Twitter and got into a fight with the guy. This from the man who gave the world The Sitter.

jonah hill dissing fans at the premiere of the watch in hollywood dissing waiting fans rare promo

5. Jessica Lange – If you see Jessica’s name on a list or premiere’s forget it. Just go home as Jessica will not even look at fans let alone acknowledge their presence. The American Horror Story actress hasn’t picked up a pen in years and is known to hide her face so she doesn’t see the fans. The horror.. THE HORROR!

nasty jessica lange from american horror story rude to fans and not nice

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt – I think in 2012 Joseph Gordon Levitt has signed one autograph on record. Even during Comic Con while he promoted Looper, he wouldn’t give fans the time of day even snubbing fans at a official autograph signing!

Joseph Gordon Levitt thinks he's hot shit on SNL magic mike strip tease rare promo worst autograph signers shirtlss naked rare

3. Elizabeth Banks – Oh man… This is someone I just don’t understand. Perhaps Elizabeth is bitter she hasn’t hit the A-List quit yet because she is just miserable to fans. The sad thing is, from what I understand there was a point where Elizabeth was nice. Now, if she makes eye contact with you, consider yourself blessed by the Banks!

elizabeth banks hot sexy sultry photo shoot rare promo the 40 year old virgin rare photo rare

2. Natalie Portman – I thought that Natalie Portman would have a permanent place at the top of my top 10 list of worst autograph signers but someone knocked her off this year. Hot damn! Natalie hasn’t been out much but she still has managed to make the top two! How you may ask? By this one interaction with a fan.
Fan: “Miss Portman, would you mind if I get a quick photo.”
Natalie Portman: “Do you really think THAT’S going to happen? THAT’S not going to happen.”

natalie portman yelling and screaming photo shoot rare promo hot sexy v for vendetta star

1. Keira Knightley – The reining queen of nasty! If you haven’t read my encounter with Keira Knightley, you should. Not only has she been pimping herself out this awards season showing up at every event she can, at each one she was completely mean to the people she was trying to win over! Logic? I think not. Even going so far as to be nasty when asked to sign something for charity! Perhaps you should Atone for your behavior Love… Actually!

Keira Knightley q and a rare 2012 signing autographs fro fans rare promo hot sexy love actually star photo shoot q and a

Honorable Mentions: Catherine O’Hara, Mel Gibson, Kristen Stewart, Jane Lynch, Winona Ryder, Ed O’Neal, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, Christopher Nolan, Emma Watson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julie Andrews, Denzel Washington, Megan Fox, Sam Rockwell, Edie Falco, Laura Linney, Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Charlize Theron,

And let’s put out the warning signal to the celebrities who used to be super nice but are now turning towards the dark side… Come back to the light Carol Anne! Come Back to the Light!

Channing Tatum – It’s not surprising considering what a banner year the sexy star had. He used to be over the top awesome and now… He’s getting burned out, still nice but just not as sweet. Doh!

Alexander Skarsgard – Say it ain’t so! I love me some True Blood and Alexander used to be hyper nice. Now, it’s just not the same even watching his interaction at the True Blood premiere, you can see Alexander is a tad over it for now. Sadness…

Robert Downey Jr. – You can get Robert to break down and sign but now, it’s like a hump and not even an “R” plus he only signs a few and runs off. Come on Iron Man!

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