Thor Movie Review! Did CB Love Chris Hemsworth As Thor As Much As I Think He Did? Read On To Find Out!

thor one sheet movie poster rare chris hemsworth hot sexy damn fine blonde god of thunder rare one sheet movie poster rare promoOur resident Thor fan, CB got himself into a sneak peak of the much anticipated film yesterday. He ran home and wrote up a review for you all to read. Thankfully, he doesn’t give too much away in his excitement of the film so that’s a positive thing!

Anyway, check out his review after the jump!


NANANANANANANANA CB, CB , CB! Welcome to another installment of, CB’s corner…(CB Note: I had to fight Mike for the name change).

(Editor’s Note: Instead of CB’s Corner it should be called CB is a giant childlike dorkus who will get a Sharpie in the eye very shortly. That’s All. M-)

Today I have the privilege of reviewing Marvel’s newest comic book superhero movie, THOR! I went to an advance screening of the movie and since I’m the resident Thor expert, it was my civil duty to write up a review from a THOR fan! Lets get this review started.

Let me just start of by saying Marvel really tried to incorporate the comic book vision of Asgard on film. It’s not easy because Asgard has a rainbow bridge! Thor is the Norse God of Thunder, and as such, wields the power of thunder. His father Odin is the King of Asgard and sends Thor to earth to learn humility and honor after Thor upsets the truce Odin had in place. While on Earth, Thor played by Chris Hemsworth is introduced, quite hilariously I must add, to Jane, Darcy and Eric Selving. The team of scientists try to figure out where Thor came from and what is his involvement with the abnormal activities in the sky. This is where the story develops as Jane, played by Natalie Portman, tries to figure out who Thor really is.

We are then introduced to SHIELD, who has decided to study Mjolnir, but it is the key to Thor’s power. I won’t give it away, but look very carefully in the scene when THOR goes to get Mjolnir, you might notice a familiar name and face. While on Earth, Thor’s brother Loki has taken over Asgard and this is when the movies picks up. THOR needs to return home, but the DESTROYER is in his way. It is in this fight Thor is deemed worthy to lift Mjolnir. Once he has his power back, he returns to Asgard to confront his brother. This is the story in a nutshell. It’s a hero movie where the hero starts off arrogant and naive and eventually becomes the hero he is destined to be. The casting was done very well. Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston deliver great performances as Odin and Loki.

This is Chris Hemsworth’s breakout role and he did very well. It’s not easy playing a God, but you begin to see that he fits the part perfectly. The sets and costumes were amazing. They were very articulate and updated for modern times. Yes I will admit, the pace is slow at first, but then it picks up and you start to enjoy the imagery. Overall, I give the movie 4 and a 1/2 Mjolnirs out of Five. Haha! Is it better then Iron Man 1, probably not, is it better than Iron Man 2, OH YEA! If you are a casual movie fan, you’ll get the story quick. If you are a comic dorkus like me, you might notice some discrepancies, but they are still pretty faithful to the comic, even making subtle references to Donald Blake. Oh, stick around till the end of the movie, you’ll thank me. Until Next time, same CB hour, same CB channel, same CB blog! KAPPOOOWWW!
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