Throwback Thurs! Meeting King Kong and The Ring Star Naomi Watts! Autograph and Selfie Goodness!

It’s Throwback Thurs!

And while the weather in Los Angeles is starting to dry up it seems, the rain is still coming down a little. Personally, when the weather gets like this, I start thinking of what a great time it would be to have a horror marathon!

So then, clearly with horror on my mind, I thought of one of my favorite horror films, The Ring.

It of course starred Naomi Watts who was also in 21 Grams, King Kong, The Impossible, and a whole host of other flicks.

It was a really random day and consisted of my friend calling me in Northridge and saying.. “You have to come here, there’s only four of us waiting. Naomi Watts is here!”

I didn’t have anything on me, so I ran to the video store on the corner from work and they had a copy of… The Ring 2. Yep, not even the first Ring.

I got there sailing through traffic and Naomi Watts was nice enough to come over, sign and then did photos with all of us. She wasn’t super chatty but was very nice and cordial. It took like 30 seconds.

Naomi Watts signing autographs selfie the ring 1

I always think it’s so funny when people say, “Oh I can’t!” I’m like… I’ve seen Eva Longoria sign for a line of 50 people in 60 seconds and everyone was happy. It’s doesn’t take 100 years to scribble your name.

Anyway, let me get off my soapbox.

It was a great day and I’m super excited it all worked out!

Until next time kids…

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