OMG! The Original Titanic Ending Has Leaked Online! And It’s Horrible! That Really Sucks Lady!

That really sucks lady!

I just had to share this fun bit of film history. It’s all about the editing right? With the new Titanic special edition DVD set coming out, because the other fifteen special edition DVD sets weren’t enough… one of the original endings has been put online.

Titanic alternate ending

Oh, the boat still sinks, Kate Winslet still gets old, etc… But remember when Rose at like 90 tosses the necklace into the water by herself. Personally, I wanted to push her in, I mean really? Let’s toss millions of dollars into the water.

But in this alternate ending… There are cheesy life lessons, Bill Paxton’s Oscar worthy acting and the best line… “That really sucks lady!”

But the backhanded toss… That gets me.

Titanic alternate ending

Perfect for friday!

Check it out below!

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