Fanboy News! Autograph Scandal! Todd Gurley! Johnny Manziel! Sam Smith Cancels Meet And Greet! And More!

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So, much scandal, so little time. Man oh man! Who knew the world of sports memorabilia could cause so much drama huh? Two players in the world of college sports are in trouble… make that a double…

Only I could talk about college football and work it into a Facts of Life quote. What can I say? I’m talented!

Check out all the news below!


The Autograph Dealer Who Tried To Rat Out Todd Gurley: A Study In Journalism, Capitalism And Civil Disobedience.

But wait you ask, how do we know there’s no visual evidence of Todd Gurley accepting money for autographs? Answer: because the guy who claims to have paid Gurley $400 for his John Hancock admitted as much to SB Nation’s Spencer Hall two weeks ago.

That’s when the autograph dealer in question approached Spencer with the details of the story, as he and our SB Nation colleague Steven Godfrey detailed this evening.


Memorabilia Memoirs: Autograph Hound

Perhaps the single most appealing aspect of collecting hockey memorabilia is the desire to approach a professional player and ask him for an autograph on a treasured collectible. Hundreds of people will wait in long lines at arranged public signings and even stand for hours in the rain or snow in a parking lot or by the entrance to a hotel for a chance to get something signed. Others will spend hundreds of dollars sending jerseys, sticks and other items in the mail to players, enclosing extra money for return postage or a sizable contribution to the players’ favorite charities. Usual items include hats, jerseys, pucks, sticks, cards, books and pictures, although I have seen other unusual objects offered for a signature, such as a car (several players went out to the parking lot for that one), a dinner plate, a couple of iPhones belonging to giggling teenage girls, underwear (also belonging to giggling teenage girls), and body parts, including bald heads and even bare breasts. One un-named player would not sign a pro-offered bald head, yet had no problem signing a rather magnificent mammary in the back-room of a popular local drinking establishment.

Sergio Romo signed autograph sports illustrated magazine rare and E40 signing autographs and taking fan photos tor toys for tots in the san francisco bay area rare promo signed autographs

Todd Gurley
Alleged Illegal Autograph Video… Being Shopped

TMZ Sports has learned … someone is trying to shop video and pictures which they claim shows University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley illegally signing memorabilia … and it could have been what triggered the NCAA to suspend the college football star.

Here’s what we know … the footage purportedly shows Gurley seated inside a car — signing various helmets, pictures and jerseys.

Sources tell us … there are photos from two separate autograph sessions and both happened fairly recently.


Johnny Manziel burned in autograph scandal by dealer he signed for?

Johnny Manziel may have been burned in the autograph memorabilia scandal last year by one of the dealers for whom he signed in an effort by the dealer to boost the sales market for the items.

After seeing that a memorabilia dealer posting on Reddit predicted Todd Gurley’s suspension two weeks ago and mentioned it in a Q&A session six months ago, I decided to go back and read through the dealer’s original interview with the Reddit community.


Sam Smith Chalks Up Canceled Meet-and-Greet & Karaoke Incident to Illness, Not Enough Security

Everyone, that is, except the fans in Nashville he was supposed to meet and greet that evening after his concert, who he canceled on, creating a bit of a stir that went up against everyone’s awestruck expressions as Smith lived up to Queen Bey.
But that’s not the whole story, said Smith, who spoke to Dallas’s KVIL (a CBS Radio station) on the incident today (Oct. 10).


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