Throwback! Venom Comic Con Signing Recap! Meeting Tom Hardy! Riz Ahmed! And More SDCC Goodness!

So you may have heard me complaining about the new SDCC wristband procedure this year.

Well, while I didn’t get anything, a comic con miracle happened… my friend gave me her Venom wristband because she didn’t want to go!

How nice was that?!!?!?

This was one of the signings I wanted the most so I was super stoked! I mean, hello Tom Hardy!

I got there super early because Funko Fundays was the same night and waited in line.

Now, it was in one of the private rooms upstairs so I couldn’t take any photos.

However, it was very cool.

We were given Venom limited edition shirts and masks and were asked repeatedly to chant, scream, etc….

The one bad thing was that the signing was an hour late… yes… an hour!

But seeing Tom Hardy is worth it, isn’t it.

What was annoying was being late to another event and being told to chant. I was like… Dude.. Really?

I’ve been a huge Tom Hardy fan forever and every time I’ve seen him, he was super awesome. At the Warrior signing, he gave me a bro hug. I almost wept, but that’s a whole other story.

Tom Hardy was there along with Riz Ahmed.

Sadly, I didn’t get to talk to Tom Hardy much because we were super rushed through, especially at the beginning.

But, the poster looks rad and anytime you’re in the room with Tom Hardy, it’s a plus!

I found these pics of the signing online. You can’t have enough Tom Hardy goodness can ya?

tom hardy signing autographs venom comic con

Until next time kids…

(and hyper thanks to awesome SDCC Folks! 🙂

Venom Comic Con Autograph Signing Tom Hardy with fans 0002

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