Tom Hiddleston Talks Thor: The Dark World And Which Avenger He Wants To Have A Rematch With!

Tom Hiddleston is awesome as Loki, in fact I don’t think there’s another actor that could pull off the part quite like he has. I mean, he is loki.

MTV sat Tom down to talk about Thor: The Dark World and he talked about a lot of interesting things.

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In the movie Thor and Loki have to team up to battle Malekith the Accursed who is the leader of the dark elves. “They have an ancient, ancient grudge against Asgard and against the reign of Odin, and they’re back.”

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Loki and Thor are still at odds however. “Loki has a very complicated relationship with Thor,” Hiddleston added. “He is an agent of chaos without equal in the world he inhabits. He knows his true nature. He knows he doesn’t belong in the family of Asgard, and he’s locked away in the beginning of the film in the deepest, darkest recesses of the dungeon as public enemy number one.”

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Tom was asked if Loki was going to come back after Thor: The Dark World after it was revealed he would not be in Avengers: Age of Utron.

“I do feel like there’s some unfinished business between Loki and the Hulk,” he said. “I feel like he didn’t get a fair fight. Who knows, you’ll have to see what happens in ‘The Dark World’ to find out where Loki finishes up.”

I would love to see a Loki and Hulk battle!

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