Tombstone! Meeting The Awesome Sam Elliott And Comedy Legend Lily Tomlin! Autographs! Photos! And More!

How can you not love two acting legends like Sam Elliott and Lily Tomlin? Both are legends and both have done such an impressive amount of work.

There was a q and a for the film Grandma starring Lily Tomlin and Sam Elliott and I knew I had to go. I’ve never met Sam Elliott and I’ve always been a big fan, and I love me some Lily Tomlin!

Billy, Scotty and I headed down and shockingly there was only one other person there. Nice!

Billy was getting into the spirit of things.

billy beer flipping me off

Hey, he’s from Michigan what do you expect?

The first person to arrive was Lily Tomlin.

lily tomlin signing autographs for fans grandma q and a

Can I tell you how nice Lily is? The most cordial and kind woman. She was happy to come over, signed everything we had and did pictures. So sweet. She loved Scotty’s poster and was joking with Billy.


lily tomlin signing autographs for fans grandma q and a

lily tomlin signing autographs for fans grandma q and a

Then a few minutes later Sam Elliott arrived. He pulled up in front of us and we asked him to to sign and he didn’t say anything, and so we asked again and he came over. He was exactly how you would expect Sam Elliott to be. He was gruff and funny.

Sam Elliott signing autographs grandma q and a

I had my Tombstone mini poster that Scotty helped me with and also my Big Lebowski poster as well.

I said, I have one more, and Sam Elliott said, “You guys always have one more!” I said, that’s it, I only have two and he and I both laughed. It doesn’t sound funny when I write it, but trust me it was funny.

Sam Elliott autograph signed

He posed for pictures with all of us and then said goodbye. Such a nice man. And I was really excited because I’ve never met Sam and he’s just a cool cat.

Sam Elliott fan photo selfie tombstone star

Sam Elliott fan photo selfie tombstone star

And that, as we say is that!

Until next time kids…

Sam Elliott signed autograph the big lebowski poster

Sam Elliott signed autograph tombstone poster

lily tomlin signed autograph ernestine

Sam Elliott lily tomlin signed grandma poster

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