Top 10 Most Popular Movies for Gambling Enthusiasts!

10 Movies That Will Make You Interested In Gambling

In today’s world, all kinds of gambling hobbies are very popular. Many people like to spend their free time playing real slots online or all kinds of versions of card and table games. Betting on sports and cybersports, as well as many other things are available to visitors of gambling establishments that operate online. It is quite logical that the passion for gambling managed to find its reflection in the film industry. There are a huge number of films that are dedicated free slots machine online and many other types of gambling entertainment. Most events occur in the real world rather than the virtual one, however, when it comes to the degree of excitement, the game in an online casino is little different from the events at the real table. Watching movies about casinos is a pleasure both for fans of gambling and for those who like high-quality cinematography. 


Everyone who played free slots online win real money at least once has probably heard about the so-called “classic” games. In fact, they include the iconic blackjack. This game is also known as the twenty-one. You can easily learn the rules of the classic version from any dedicated article online. The movie “21” was named after the game of the same title. This masterpiece is based on the following elements:

  • it is focused on a group of young people;
  • the main desire of the young people is to earn money;
  • an additional element is incredible craving for excitement.

This movie is very interesting from a psychological point of view. The casino visitors are shown as intelligent people who sometimes do just unbelievable things.

Treat Me Like Fire

This film will appeal to people who enjoy romance because all the events on the screen will revolve around delicate feelings. A girl falls in love with a young man who, as it may seem at first glance, is absolutely not her type.

Here is the thing that sparks the most interest in this movie. The young man is a gambler. He even openly steals money from his lover, succumbing to a destructive hobby. One can see on the screen what passion can cause and how the two young people’s relationship develops.

Molly’s Game

This movie enables viewers to observe not only the players but also the casino administration. The beginning of the movie develops quite dramatically:

  • a young girl with a passion for skiing suffers an injury that is incompatible with a professional sporting career;
  • when a young lady has the choice to give up or take her life in a different direction, she chooses the second option.

Here, in fact, the most interesting thing happens. The girl chooses a very interesting direction for her further development – gambling. Therefore, the film will appeal to all fans of free casino slots to play for free online. Here you can see how the business develops from the inside. A girl runs an underground casino and encounters all sorts of obstacles and barriers on her path.

The Gambler

Perhaps this film can be called an iconic one because even those who are not into gambling have probably heard of it. The audience observes a fairly successful and talented writer.

In fact, the only thing that distracts a young man from a full life is his passion for gambling. If you are looking for the best animated movie villains, you will not like this film. Nevertheless, connoisseurs of all kinds of psychological dramas with complex and multifaceted heroes will definitely enjoy it.

Ocean’s Twelve

This is one of three popular movies about a team of friends who decide to rob a casino. The release dates for all three parts can be seen in the table below.

Ocean’s Eleven 2001
Ocean’s Twelve 2004
Ocean’s Thirteen 2007

It is these three movies that have become the most popular. You can read a dedicated Wikipedia article about Ocean’s Twelve here.

It is important to understand that there were films of the same name released in the second half of the twentieth century. However, the new versions became popular later on. A kind of sequel was subsequently made, but it does not directly relate to the main storyline. The trilogy’s interesting because that one can observe the cunning schemes of the characters to rob a casino.


This is another movie about a writer. however, in this case, the plot is full of twists and turns. One young and a quite talented writer gets a job in a casino. Initially, he plans to collect enough material to create his own book. However, over time the casino job drags him in, and the situation takes an unpredictable turn.


This movie will please fans of the classics rather than those who prefer the best movie video games ever and all kinds of slot machines. Why? It’s simple: the plot is dedicated to one of the most popular games that ever existed in the world – poker.

The main character is a true professional. It would be appropriate to use this word because he actually makes a living by playing poker. He plays brilliantly and knows how to read his opponents. Over time, the game becomes his main source of income, and this is what many poker fans dream about. However, it is not so simple. The player’s life changes to a great extent when he falls in love with a woman. 

American Hustle

Not all movies about gambling are serious. There are also quite funny comedies among them, which, nevertheless, have very interesting plots. These include American Hustle. The main characters are incredibly talented scammers who achieve certain successes. Unfortunately, they cannot enjoy such a life for long.

When they get traced, the situation takes a nasty turn. However, representatives of law enforcement agencies offer the criminals one deal. If the scammers go for it, they will be able to keep their freedom.

Smokin’ Aces

This movie will delight those who prefer such a genre as action films. The motion picture is really exciting and interesting. Here we can see how one incredibly talented magician skillfully manipulates the cards. He attracts the attention of many people but most importantly – sparks a lot of interest from the head of the mafia. 

At one point the magician becomes a subject of a real hunt. Subsequently, events unfold according to the best traditions of action cinematography.


It was this film that once made such a Hollywood star as Sharon Stone popular. The actress managed to get a Golden Globe for her role in it. Furthermore, many other famous actors starred in it, including the hit with the ladies Robert De Niro.

The whole plot of the movie is centered around a real criminal gang. As you might guess, one of its members is closely connected with the gambling world. He owns a casino. Mafia, criminal schemes – all this and many more things can be seen on the screen when watching Casino.


These days, there is certainly a huge variety of films that fans of all sorts of gambling will enjoy. Furthermore, movie fans and gambling enthusiasts can look for the best movie-based video games, although this task is not an easy one. Among the variety of existing films, fans of all kinds of gambling, cyber sports, betting, and other activities will surely find the perfect option for themselves. Obviously, modern film critics also actively monitor this direction and regularly provide a lot of reviews about such movies.


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