Top Casino Movies You Must Watch in 2020

The film industry has a broad selection of movies. They include action, comedy, casino, fiction, thrillers, and horror films. At times, movies influence an individual’s opinion about a particular issue. Most casino films represent the real-life experiences of gamblers. In the past, some people believed that only the rich were allowed to visit casinos. Here are the five top casino movies you must watch this year.

1.    Win it All (2017)

Win it All is a popular film among gamblers who visit JackpotCity online casino to wager for fun. The movie highlights the life of a gambling addict and the challenges that they often face. It uses comedy to brighten the mood. Eddie Garret, a regular gambler, is a parking attendant at Wrigley Field. He accepts a friend’s request to guard his duffle bag after he is imprisoned.

Eddie stakes $10,000 on whether his friend will return. But, he ends up spending more than $21,000 after discovering what the bag contains. Unfortunately, the bag’s owner is released from jail early before Eddie recovers from his loss.

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2.    The Hangover (2009)

Have you ever heard that what happened in Las Vegas stays in Vegas? The Hangover narrates the lives of Alan, Stu, and Phil, three close friends who attend Doug’s bachelor party in Las Vegas. None of them recalls what happened the previous night when they wake up in the morning. They discover that the groom isn’t around. Instead, they find a tiger in his bedroom, and another guy with a missing tooth has the wedding ring.

Things go haywire as the comedy unfolds. The three finds have a huge task of finding Doug before the wedding commences and solving the mystery. The film represents what happens in Las Vegas casinos and what new gamblers go through.

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3.    Casino (1995)

The casino is a classic film that popularized the mysterious and glamourous lifestyle in Las Vegas. Robert De Niro acts as Sam “Ace” Rothstein. He is a reformed gangster who is a manager in a leading Las Vegas casino. Nicky Santoro, who acts as Joe Pesci, visits Sam as they are old friends. Also, Nicky is the leader of a mafia in the City of Las Vegas. Ginger, a former prostitute, and Nicky break the rules while Sam tries to be a law abiding citizen.

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4.    Runner Runner (2013)

Richie, a student at Princeton wins huge payouts in online gambling and uses them to pay his fees. He relocates to Costa Rica in a bid to find the founder of a certain poker site. Ivan, a gangster, convinces Richie to work with him. Even so, Richie starts discovering Ivan’s illegal deals after a while. Runner Runner has thrilling scenes of pundits placing bets, planning movies, and withdrawing winnings.

5.    Casino Royale (2006)

This is a remake of the 1973 Casino Royale film. It highlights the lives of wealthy gamblers. Daniel Craig acts as James Bond and is determined to prevent Le Chiffre, a popular banker, from winning Texas Hold’Em in Montenegro. James’ move will harm many global criminal organizations.

Thousands of movie enthusiasts flock in theatres when new films are released. They combine dialogue, music, and images to help viewers understand how human beings interact. Casino movies have rapidly gained popularity of late. Win it All, The Hangover, Casino, Runner Runner, Casino Royale, and Wild Card are the most exciting casino films in 2020. You can watch them in a theatre or on TV.

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