The Sunday Funko Five! Baywatch! Silicon Valley! Luke Cage! Wonder Woman! And More!

Sorry, my bad! We’re a little late on this weeks Funko Friday, so for this week it’s the Funko Five! Big Mike has picked the top five new Funko Pops hitting the market!

Check it out!

Friday Funko Five



Hey Kiddies,


How are things poppin’? (See what I did there?) There’s a couple new interesting Pops coming our way. The older fans are going to love the Marlon Brando Vito Corleone Pop. That pick is on honor of the guy who came in second in votes and still won in that election not too long ago. I loved Netflix’s Luke Cage and his classic look made the cut this week. You can never go wrong with a Wonder Woman figure. Hubba hubba. Baywatch fans in Germany are gonna go crazy over the new Mitch Buchanan figure even though it doesn’t come with a microphone. (Apparently David Hasselhoff sings or something. We wouldn’t know here in America. I’m fine with that.) Folks love that show on HBO that takes place in Silicon Valley. I forgot the name, but the guy who plays Richard was in one of last years funniest movies called The Bronze, so check that out and grab his Richard figure. (So many ways you can take that one.) Enjoy.


Vito Corleone Pop Vinyl


Classic Luke Cage Pop Vinyl


DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Pop Vinyl


Mitch Buchanan Pop Vinyl


Silicon Valley Richard Pop Vinyl



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