Fanboy Fail! Pinky Recounts Her Top Ten Worst Celebrity Experiences! Darius Rucker! Molly Ringwald! Jamie Lee Curtis! And More!

This is a fun recap, it’s a sort of Fanboy Fail Friday, but… Also… Kind of successful as well. It’s those moments, when the experience is so bad, that even though you get the autograph or photo opp, you kind of wish you could erase the memory completely.


Pinky did a great top ten!

Check it out below!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here thinking about photo opps with people we love. Now, we all know I LOVE to get my photo opps, but sometimes they can be, well, less than pleasant. There’s nothing worse than having someone be terrible to you while you’re getting a picture (or an autograph), especially when it’s someone you’ve been a fan of for years.

When I read about Mikey’s recent fail with Jamie Lee Curtis (who is notoriously horrible to fans), it made me think back to my own picture with her and how awful that was. Did I get the picture? Yes. Was the experience terrible? Yes. So, now, every time I see the picture, I’m reminded of the horrid experience. Conversely, there are other celebs who are amazing – like, for instance, Mark Ruffalo.

Mark Ruffalo fan photo hot sexy hulk 1

I’ve met him half a dozen times and he’s consistently awesome. However, in one of our photo opps, he looks downright mean. What’s that about?
I thought it’d be fun to do a Top Ten of the worst celeb experiences I’ve had while still scoring a picture.
10. Donald Faison. While normally he’s a pretty fan friendly guy, during our last encounter he was downright rude. He was totally put out to pose at a charity event and grumbled about it the whole time wanting “his own time.” No problem, Donald. I’ll never bug you again (or support anything you do, for that matter).
Donald Faison fan photo rare signing autographs 2

9. Gabourey Sidibe. Always nasty, she makes it even worse when she acts like she’ll take a photo and then pulls a face like this picture. Ugh. I saw another picture where she flipped the person off while someone else took the pic. Considering she used to be a fangirl herself, her behavior is even more disgusting.
Gabourey Sidibe

8. Tyler James Williams. If you say, “Who?” to the mention of his name, you’re correct. He’s not nearly well known enough for the amount of attitude he had when I saw him last. If Brad Pitt can be a dream to his fans, then someone significantly less popular should at least try to find some manners.
Tyler James Williams 2

7. Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie is just nasty. I was so in awe to be around her, that I totally “pulled a Pinky” and said, “We drink Activia because of you!” (and, no, I have no idea what that means, considering you don’t really drink yogurt). Instead of the “thank you” or smile I was expecting, she shot me a look like I should die and took a huge step backwards away from me. How I still got the picture is a mystery.
Jamie Curtis

6. Chevy Chase. It’s no secret that Chevy isn’t nice, but, still, I held out hope that he would be. When his PR person told him to take a picture with me, he did it so begrudgingly that he actually said, “Do I have to?” right before the camera clicked. Great memory.
Chevy Chase

5. Marisa Tomei. For ten years Marisa blew me off at every event on earth. She was famous for “going deaf” when you’d ask her for a picture. Finally, at a charity event she relented, but it was the most half-assed thing I’ve ever seen. Although her behavior at the moment wasn’t as bad as other times, the combination of years past moved her up to Number Five on this list.
Marisa Tomei

4. Michelle Trachtenberg. Michelle has the distinct “honor” of being the only celeb to actually trash talk me the entire time the picture was being taken and then still smiling in the picture. While we were walking (because, of course, she couldn’t just stop and take a picture), she was saying stuff like, “Does this make you happy? Do you feel special that I’m on TV and you’re getting a picture with me?” Crap like that. I’ve seen her several times since then and will never ask her for a picture again.
michelle trachtenbetch

3. Molly Ringwald. The Queen of Mean, Molly not only made me cry during our first encounter, but has been consistently bitchy every time I’ve seen her. I think she only consented to this picture because I told her I’d never ask her for anything ever again (and I won’t). Considering she was such a huge part of my John Hughes-loving life, this one broke my heart the most.
Molly Ringwald signing autographs for fans rare promo hot signed photo rare

2. John Cusack. I’ve loved John Cusack for so long that when I saw he had a premiere at Sundance over ten years ago, I knew I’d do anything to be first in line. Not only did I wait for six hours to get into the screening (for a film he wrote and starred in), I was the first person to get to him after the Q&A (which, come on, you should expect to at least do a few after the film). Although he begrudgingly agreed, he counted down, “3-2-1, take your picture” and then hurriedly walked away. Devastating experience.
john cusack taking a fan photo with pinky from mike the fanboy signed autograph serendipity 1804 say anything...

1. Darius Douchebag Rucker aka Hootie. This oh-so-lovely experience was documented on tape by Mikey and witnessed by several collectors. After waiting hours at a talk show and being the ONLY fan there for Darius, he walked by me three different times saying he was, “Working.” Finally at the end of the long night, he left and ignored me completely. Now, I don’t normally call celebs names even when I’m frustrated. That’s just not me. I know there are people who do, but I try and show people respect. However, on this particular day, I’d had it. The day had been so exhausting, long, and disappointing, that after he left and I was on my way to my car, I yelled out, “You suck, Hootie!” or something like that. I didn’t think he could hear me, but suddenly I heard a ruckus (a “Rucker ruckus?”) and he ran back into the gate, ran over to the rail and yelled, “Who said that?!” Every fanboy there pointed to me (they all immediately threw me under the bus, thanks guys) and he started yelling. When I tried to tell him I’d been there all day and was frustrated (or something like that; it was years ago, I don’t really remember exactly what I said),

Darius Rucker Hootie and the Blowfish telling a fan to get a life!

he proceeded to tell me that my choosing to be there was my decision, he was working and had a family and I should get a life. Oh, and then he said that he’d sign for everyone there BUT me (although, again, I was the ONLY fan there for him).

Darius Rucker hootie and the blowfish telling fan to get a life Charleston, SC 1966

Although I didn’t ask again, he somehow took a picture with me, but I wish he hadn’t.

Those flaring nostrils still give me the heebie jeebies. Ugh. I used to like and support his music. I went to all his concerts and was a sincere fan. But, now. Nope. Never again. I hear him on the radio and the channel gets turned. You are an awful, horrible, mean man, Hootie. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Hootie Douchebag

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