True Blood Season 4 Cast Promo Posters! True Colors Indeed! Sexy Vampire Hotness!

true blood season 4 rare promo poster true colors anna paquin stephen moyer sookie stackhouse red poster alexander skarsgard joe alcide rare hot sexy vampireWow, see… I really like these, a little too photoshopped but still pretty awesome. And I love how they are mixing the cast up.

They still don’t hold a candle to the season 3 photos! That cast photo was amazing! I mean like… Damn amazing! Everyone looked great!

true blood season 4 white true colors promo poster rutina wesley nelson ellis sam trammell promo poster hot sexy rare tara sam merlotte lafayette
This crop of season 4 photos are good, don’t get me wrong, and I like the whole True Colors theme, it sets up the season nicely, with a little bit of what’s to come and gets people talking… But last season… Damn those were amazing…

I’m just saying! lol… Keep up the good work HBO, cause these are pretty damn good!
true blood season 4 true colors promo poster ryan kwanten deborah ann wohl kristen bauer promo hot sexy vampire jason stackhouse muscle pam abs workout promo one sheet poster

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