TTM Tues! Ace Gets His Autographs Stolen! Precautions To Take When Dealing With Mail Thieves!

What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with TTM Tuesday…
This week I have an entirely different TTM Tuesday. On Monday, November 26th, someone broke into the boxes of my apartment building and stole my mail. You might be wondering how? They opened the locked boxes with either a master key or learned how to pick the lock without a trace… I was just one of the victims among the apartment building.
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Unfortunately, I had the chance to save my mail. My family used the mailbox that morning. We were expecting to pick it up later that day instead of taking it with us, and the offenders got lucky. According to my family, they stole four of my playbills… Sadly, I will never know which ones they were… I have a pretty good idea, but I never will be sure.
You might be asking… why would they steal the mail? Let’s just say the playbills were a bonus on top of the thousands of dollars they were racking up on activated cards. Thankfully, hopefully, I wasn’t financially taken advantage of, but only time would tell.
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Sadly, you can’t trust anyone guys… I live in a great neighborhood… Mike would say I live in the thug-filled hood of Studio City… The criminal who stole our mail had to be someone in our small apartment building. Of course, I can’t point fingers, but when you live in a building with iron plated locked doors, I doubt they were outsiders… Not to mention, they apparently struck twice, Saturday as well as Monday. The Odds to break in twice to the building as well as mailbox are quite slim.
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Now, you might be saying… It’s the mailman… Well, considering the card was used throughout the day of his shift… Doesn’t seem likely… Plus, he has been our mailman for years. Wouldn’t it have occurred more than once?
Regardless, I can go in circles crying about my lost playbills… I will resend to all the productions, but who the hell is going to believe me, and if they still have my envelope, I look like an idiot spamming them.
If you are serious about the hobby, I want you guys to take some precaution for your sake.

A possible option is getting a P.O. Box. Guess what? Bought one…With a PO Box, you can keep your address private. It is great for those people that you don’t want to share your home address with… cough…That was Mike’s first problem…
On a serious note, you can send all bills and TTMs to the PO BOX, while the less important mail can be still sent to your home address. Also, I have to add that the Accessibility and Security is heightened at the Post Office… Have you seen how many cameras they have? There is a whole new meaning of caught on tape…
If you are interested, go here:
The next, hopefully, less pricey option would be secure your mailbox! While you can argue there is nothing you can do, you can always add a lock that you and your post office can have the key for, or you can move the mailbox closer to the door or the home itself. These small details can deter mail theft…
Don’t have one of those mailboxes where the flap never closes… and if none of these options appeal to you… Pick up your mail promptly after delivery!
Don’t let it just sit there for hours. It makes you a target!

If you have questions, concerns, Ideas…

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Until Next time,

Ace, the Autograph Addict

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