TTM Bonus! Your Success Stories! Michelle Williams! Freddie Highmore! Russell Crowe! Matthew Fox! Frank Darabont! And More!

It’s time to share some awesome TTM successes!

I’ve been a little slow on the draw in getting these up. Sorry, sickness does that to ya! But there are some awesome TTM Success that have come in and I’m excited to share them!
Personally, I’ve gotten a couple awesome things returned by Michael C. Hall who is cranking out his fanmail as of late.

Michael C. Hall Signed autograph dexter magazine2

Michael C. Hall Signed autograph dexter magazine2

On to you guys though!

First up…

Beat Kunz:

Another lovely success today! The super-talented Michelle Williams signed and personalized my photograph and returned in my SASE. I had sent a nice letter and a picture to Studio 54 in New York, where she is currently appearing in Cabaret. The wait was 45 days! Very nice to see she seems to be replying to people.

Michelle Williams signed autograph photo rare

Jesse Eisenberg seems to be signing for everyone via the film set of ‘American Ultra’ in Louisiana! After a 2-week wait, I received my photo back signed and personalized – plus he added a lovely inscription. Very pleased!

Jesse Eisenberg signed autograph photo rare

Today brought me quite an unexpected ‘double success’ with the wonderful actress Christine Baranski, whose autograph I have been after for quite some time!
Here we go: Back in 2012, I sent a letter, a photograph and a SASE to her home address in Connecticut. Today, I received a different 8×10 picture in my SASE, signed but not personalized as requested. She also paid for additional postage, as the USPS prices had gone up several times since then. This took exactly 2 years and 2 months!
Christine Baranski (2) signed autograph photo

Then, half a year ago, I wrote to her again via the set of ‘Into the Woods’ in the UK. This time, I sent a SASE and two 8×10 photographs. She returned everything in my SASE, but only one of the pics were signed, but this time she added a dedication and an inscription. She again paid for postage, as I had put UK stamps on my envelope. This took 177 days.
Christine Baranski (2) signed autograph photo

It looks like she might be catching up on her fan mail these days… Maybe some more replies will be reported shortly…? – Anyway. I’m really chuffed with this result!
Virginie Ledoyen, the French actress that starred in The Beach opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. She signed both my pictures and returned them in my SASE. This took only 17 days.
Virginie Ledoyen signed autograph photo rare

Virginie Ledoyen signed autograph photo rare

Then: Anne Reid, MBE, an excellent English film, television and stage actress (Hot Fuzz, and many more). She sent me a signed and inscribed photo and a hand-written note apologizing for the delay in getting back to me. With good reason, for this took 2 years and 2 weeks!!! I thought this was a goner, so I was surprised and very pleased to get this one back.
Anne Reid signed autograph photo rare

Anne Reid signed autograph photo rare

And another excellent success yesterday! After an 11-months’ wait, Frank Darabont replied to my letter that I had sent to him last year. He signed and personalized my 8×10 photograph, and he also sent a really friendly hand-written note! Very pleased with this result – he is such a brilliant director and writer!

Frank Darabont signed autograph photo

Frank Darabont signed autograph photo

 OMG! After my success with Frank Darabont the other day, I received a FedEx mailing today – delivered from California to Switzerland! The return address is Frank Darabont’s own company ‘Darkwoods Productions’ in Pasadena. He sent me the soundtrack CD of his film ‘The Green Mile’ (booklet signed and inscribed), the screenplay of the movie (again, signed and personalized), and the first edition and his personal copy (!) of his own book ‘Walpuski’s Typewriter’, signed by himself and Bernie Wrightson, the illustrator. – Just HOW COOL is this guy?! I will definitely send a thank-you card to a celebrity that goes out of their way to go the extra mile with their reply!

Frank Darabont signed autograph script page rare

Frank Darabont signed autograph script page rare

Melissa Renz:

Leighton Meester via Of Mice and Men

I was thrilled to get a response (and a quick one at that).  I thought Leighton was great on Gossip Girl.  Now if only James Franco would stop hitting on teenage girls and go through his fanmail…

leighton meister signed autograph photo

M.P. Clayton:

This past Tuesday (April 2nd) I hit the jackpot: I got Robin himself Jonas Armstrong, a second time. I had got him last year when he was shooting Edge of Tomorrow, and he signed a series photo for me that time. I was impressed with his acting in that show, and I really enjoyed his work in the indie Twenty8k and DirecTV’s “Hit & Miss” afterwards. So this past February, I sent him a following letter thanking him for the first reply and mentioned those two projects. I also sent a copy of a cartoon portrait of Robin Hood, as well as three 8x10s from his other projects. Lo and behold, I got all three 8x10s back signed and personalized.

jonas armstrong Signed autograph dexter magazine1

jonas armstrong Signed autograph dexter magazine1

jonas armstrong Signed autograph dexter magazine1

I was pretty shocked at the relatively fast turnaround (40 days), compared to the first (131 days). I love how good Armstrong is to his fans TTM, and he’s supposedly just as nice IP. He’s doing press rounds for his new movie, Walking With the Enemy in the U.S., so you guys know if he’s making a talk show appearance or premiere in L.A. or elsewhere, make sure to do a IP writeup!

I used the following address for my second reply:

10A Christina Street
London EC2A 4PA
United Kingdom

Mark’s Autographs:

Got back Matthew Fox, who plays Jack in LOST! Really cool success considering he’s not very good with fan mail!  

matthew fox Signed autograph hot photo rare1

Daniel Dae Kim, who is Jin on LOST. This one took over a year sent to Hawaii 5-0.

Daniel Dae Kim Signed autograph hot photo rare5

Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel). He is great with fan mail, but won’t sign any pictures you send. He pre-signs a bunch of photos.

freddie highmore Signed autograph hot photo rare6

Last week, got back Russell Crowe! Awesome actor and good with fan mail, just takes a long time! But definitely worth the wait!

Russell Crowe Signed autograph hot photo rare4

Mia Wasikowska, who is slowly rising to fame, if not already! She played Alice in Alice in Wonderland and is in some upcoming films. 

Mia Wasikowska Signed autograph hot photo rare2

-marks autographs

Dude, you guys did amazing! Nice!

If you want to share your TTM success stories (Or in person success stories too for that matter!) Drop me a line at mike at and we’ll get them posted!

Until next time kids…

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