TTM Bonus! Fran Drescher Starts Responding To Her Fanmail As Her Show Closes! Doh!

Hey Kids!

I thought this was a fun thing to share. With all the drama surrounding the Fran Drescher signing debacle, guess who started replying to her fanmail… Yep, Fran Drescher!
Sorry, I wasn’t on this sooner, cause I would say, sent off your request if you care, however, the show ends on Sunday, so I guess that’s that. Bummer.

But, the nice thing is, that next time she has a show, I don’t think she’ll try and pass off her stamped signature as real, especially for charity!
Check out Beat’s success he sent in!


Oh, the irony! Guess who replied to me? Yes, our dear Fran Drescher did! She signed and inscribed the photo I (of all people) had sent to her back in January, and she returned it in my SASE.
Fran Drescher signed autograph photo rare     1

After the Twitter argument she and I (and others) had had, I didn’t expect to hear back from her at all – but there you go! It looks like she does sign items people send to her, but the Playbills come with her stamped signature…

Fran Drescher signed autograph photo rare     1

Best wishes,

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